Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola

Study at a University which Educates and Trains Professionals with an Entrepreneurial Vision

Leader in educating and training top professionals, according to national and international standards.

Educating and training professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders with a business vision who do research and contribute to the sustainable development of Peruvian society.

Educational Benefits

Competence-based education
Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola develops its academic goals through a competence-based curricula which meets the demands of a globalized world. In order to achieve this, from a student’s first year, values, social responsibility, human development and bilingual education are combined with courses in science and the humanities, as well as courses in the student’s area of specialization and in Management. Each student’s skills and potential are evaluated from his/her first term in order to optimize competencies in management and communication, as demanded by the contemporary professional world. Finally, the curriculum includes courses which will allow students to obtain a solid grounding in their major and apply to a graduate program in Business Administration.

In order to develop the maximum potential of our students, we have a staff of professors with vast business experience and with graduate degrees from the best universities in Peru and the world. Our faculty are specially selected for their entrepreneurial mentality and as models of a solid ethical education.

Interactive Methodology
Our faculty use a methodology that combines theoretical concepts with management and business experience, through case studies. The knowledge acquired in class is complemented with the development of assignments which are practical and require research. Student-professor interaction contributes to a dynamic learning process.

Virtual University - INFOSIL
An example of our educational technology is the LEARNING SPACE system, a “virtual university” through which our students have access, via Internet –from the comfort of their homes or any other part of the world– to information about courses, syllabi, material developed in class, bibliographical material and exams. This academic support system, called INFOSIL, gives the student a virtual place of interaction which highly enriches the learning process.


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