Words from the president founder

Words from the president founder



My beloved mother, generous and kind, always taught me solidarity was a requirement to grow and develop. Solidarity is one of the most important values of a human being and an essential virtue which young people in the 21st century highlight.

In Peru, solidarity is an ancient value. It has been in the roots of our identity and culture since our ancestor’s time. The great Inca civilization knew how to unite the people through “minca” and “ayni” (You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours).

At San Ignacio de Loyola University, we have made the message of this thousand-year-old code of brotherhood ours. As a result, our students are educated being aware of their history and social environment in order to have a good performance in Peru and the world.

In our dear country, there is a pending matter which moves us all: poverty. We have to work together to beat it because it affects millions of Peruvian people, mainly in the rural zones and in the areas surrounding big cities. Peruvian people are entrepreneurs, so they need to find hands up to help them see real opportunities which are not noticed due to several reasons.

In addition, this country which is developing and growing must absolutely consolidate its economy and eventually give better life conditions to its people. When we achieve to have all our fellow countrymen in this kind of economy, we will feel the satisfaction and joy of having achieved our objective. In addition, disappointments will never undermine our dreams of changing Peru into a country of entrepreneurs.

The University Social Alliance (ASU - USIL) made a great choice that renews our faith in the commitment of the young when it decided to publish its activities and achievements in a mean such as the one you have in your hands, dear reader. Not only by exalting the spirit of solidarity and entrepreneurship, but also by expanding it in its community and family, motivating them to solidarity.


Lic. Raúl Diez Canseco Terry
Founding President
Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola