USIL research journals exist for the purpose of publishing articles on science and humanities, in order to disseminate culture and, at the same time, knowledge generated by the university.

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The USIL Research Fund is managed by the Office of the Vice President of Research. Its purpose is to foster research activities and publish their results.  
This motivates faculty researchers (USIL faculty) and associate researchers through:
Bonus for publication in an indexed medium.

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The mission of the USIL University Press is to disseminate the intellectual production of faculty and students, as well as that of academics and authors in general, on subjects of a diverse nature that give rise to discussion forums, in order to foster an informed, fair, caring and respectful society with high values. 


The Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola institutional depository houses our university’s academic documents and provides researchers and the community at large free access to them.

This in addition to the exchange of information with entities that produce similar content. Books, magazines, educational material, dissertations, archives and databases, among other items, can be found in a single, freely accessible place.

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Here you will find information on the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola faculty: degrees earned, publications, academic achievements, conferences and courses taught.

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In the interest of contributing to the development of knowledge and innovation, the Office of the Vice President of Research at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL) presents the Certificate Program in Scientific Research.

This program seeks to educate participants on methods for acquiring knowledge through scientific research and developing competencies for that purpose. The goal is for the results of the training received to be reflected in high-quality research papers worthy of being published in high-impact journals. 

The USIL Research Conference is a space geared toward university students and faculty that meet to present their research projects or work, following screening by the evaluation committee.

It is a periodic activity, being held for the second time, which is organized by the Office of the Vice President of Research in order to promote research and activities that bring about academic spaces. In addition to learning what subjects others are working on, students and faculty can exchange ideas through interdisciplinary dialogue that enriches their perspective as researchers.


Here you will find a list of interesting publications.

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