The program

Water Engineering

The program

We will prepare you to be a leader in the field of water engineering, with the ability to plan, design and execute projects related to water collection, transportation and treatment; water distribution for urban, industrial and agricultural use; water recovery and pollution prevention. You will obtain a solid background in science and technology, learning modern techniques for water asset management in order to satisfy the country’s needs through good practices in the protection of watersheds and sustainable water use, team work and effective bilingual communication.


You will learn to:

  • Analyze different settings in the management, design and execution of water works, using your knowledge of physics, mathematics and engineering in a global context.
  • Develop and assess projects ranging from water collection to water recovery, and determine their feasibility based on technological and administrative tools, regulations in force, and principles of sustainable development, tending to the demands and needs of the market.
  • Generate entrepreneurial initiatives for projects related to the water cycle, based on leadership of multidisciplinary teams, ethics and social responsibility.
  • Use oral and written communication to issue guidelines, prepare projects, train teams and negotiate projects related to water use, protection and reuse.


Upon graduation, you may be employed as a:

  • Project engineer
  • Hydraulic engineer
  • Supervisor engineer
  • Research engineer


As a water engineering major at usil, you will experience:

Being involved in water engineering from the start

Starting in the first semester, you will take courses in your major.


Bilingual and entrepreneurship education

The curriculum for the program includes English language courses and courses required for this major taught in English, for the purpose of producing bilingual professionals capable of carrying out projects anywhere in the world. You will also take business management courses to develop the skills required to start your own business.


Modern engineering laboratories

On the USIL campus in Pachacámac, there are 4 modern laboratories equipped with the latest technology where students majoring in Construction Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Water Engineering have practical classes, conduct research and carry out projects:

  • Soil and Pavement Laboratory
  • Construction Materials Laboratory
  • Hydraulic Laboratory
  • Surveying Laboratory



  • DISNEY INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS Exclusive program that allows you to participate in a work and cultural exchange at Disney theme parks.
  • DUAL DEGREE PROGRAM WITH SAN IGNACIO UNIVERSITY (USA) You can also graduate with a bachelor’s degree from San Ignacio University in Miami, Florida, which will increase your employment opportunities.
  • BUSINESS MANAGEMENT At USIL, you will belong to an ecosystem of entrepreneurship. Therefore, over the course of your studies, you will take Business Management courses and you will be able to create your own startup, with guidance and support from the USIL Center for Entrepreneurship and USIL Ventures, a startup accelerator.
  • TOP-NOTCH FACULTY We have instructors with professional experience in their field, as well as master’s and doctoral degrees.
  • INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS every continent, which enable its students to participate in academic, cultural and work-related exchanges in different countries.



Be the water engineer the world needs for the sustainability of our most vital resource!

  • 1250 water and sanitation projects have been started throughout the country in 2017, according to the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation.
  • 7.7% of the amount earmarked by the government for infrastructure plans corresponds to water and sanitation, according to the National Infrastructure Plan.
  • 53% of the water available on the Peruvian coast is wasted due to a lack of infrastructure, according to the Sociedad Nacional de Minería Petróleo y Energía.
  • The government will allocate S/ 2000 million to water service coverage projects in the coming years.



  • Hydraulic Sources
  • Research on Water and Hydraulic Resources