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The main objective of publishing funding of the University is to promote intellectual creation supporting teachers in creating new teaching materials

Our Editorial Fund's main objective is to promote intellectual creation & nbsp; in our university and support the work of teachers by creating new teaching materials. & nbsp; Therefore is responsible for the publication and distribution of books and college textbooks in the library located in the Campus Grand Admiral Miguel Grau.

Main publications

  • House, Body. The Poetry of James White in front of the Mirror

A thorough analysis of the main themes of the possessed of Blanca Varela, articulated the most important figurative processes and dynamics of the western literary tradition. Pages that periods of his work and books are needed as The port addressed there and Waltzes and other false confessions.

Pages: 196

Author: Camilo Fernandez Cozman

Year: 2010

ISBN: 978-9972-748-13-4

  • Mirror of Modernity: Vanguard Theater Experience and 5 meters Poems

An interesting review on the impact that modernity brought the lyrical edge and particularly in Oquendo de Amat with his famous book 5 meters poems, a work that lives up to its name and which is analyzed by the researcher rigorous and creative, emphasizing the influence that the invention of the early twentieth century had in Peruvian and world literature.

Pages: 158

Author: Selenco Vega Jácom

Year: 2010

ISBN: 978-9972-748-10-3

  • The Intertextuality in Emilio Adolfo Westphalen Poetry

A study on the need to understand the thought forms that exist in Peru through the intertextual relationship of the poems has become the goddess Ambarin and the The Boy and the River in which we see the anity (stylistic and thematic) of Westphalen with writers like Eguren and Arguedas.

Pages: 162

Author: Mauro Marino Jiménez

Year: 2010

ISBN: 978-9972-748-12-7

  • First Commit

Book of profound meditation on religious life that make you remember the relentless pursuit that proposed the Spanish mystic, but characterized in the vicinity of free verse and direct vision of biblical passages. Poems long winded process to develop a testimonial about life outside oneself.

Páginas: 47

Author: Mauro Marino Jiménez

Year: 2010

ISBN: 978-9972-748-11-0

  • Ciberconocimiento situation and proposals

Pages: 291

Author: Francisco Mariátegui

Year: 2011

ISBN: 978-9972-748-19-6

  • The Fire of the Word: Studies in Peruvian Literature

Peruvian literature is gaining more and more international interest. However, one of his greatest satisfactions is to have the recognition of our own writers. In that sense, the book is lavishly Selenco Vega in it and in the way that only a professional pen can do.

Pages: 155

Author: Selenco Vega Jácome

Year: 2011

ISBN: 978-9972-748-22-6

  • The use of the word Language Manual I

Pages: 203


Camilo Fernández Gozman

Selenco Vega Jácome

Liliana Ramírez Durand

Yolanda Julca Estrada

Mario Granda Rangel

Miguel Maguiño Veneros

Jasmín Ochoa Madrid

2011 First Edition

ISBN: 978-9972-748-20-2

  • Reflections on Cultural Tourism in Peru

A publication describing the peculiarities of a key segment for the Peruvian tourism industry and also provides educational materials for teaching professionals in a field that is born of the interest of travelers to learn the history, arts and cultural expressions of other companies.

Pages: 136


Pamela Cueva Chacón

Diana Guerra Chirinos

Phyllis Tepperman Greenspan

Fernando Tavera Vega

Year: 2011

ISBN: 978-612-4119-01-9


  • Knowing and Doing

It is a refereed publication, reporting in the country and abroad, articles on science, research and technological innovation. It is an academic project promoted by the Faculty of Engineering and supported by the Research Center of the University of San Ignacio Loyola.Busca become a forum for the dissemination of the knowledge produced from research, systematic reflection and practice, between interest groups linked to the faculty and the academic community in general, with emphasis on science communication, technological innovation, validation procedures and good practices. The Editorial Board of Knowing and Doing is a recognized group, academics and researchers in diverse professional training and thematic emphases, which coincides interest in the dissemination of knowledge. The magazine is published biannually and submit your articles to a system of anonymous peer review.

  • Purposes and Representations

It is a refereed publication that reports on the country and abroad research papers and other academic contributions to the field of Education and Psychology. It is an academic project sponsored by the Center for Research and Education and the Faculty of Humanities of the University.