The program

Corporate Environmental Management

The program

The USIL Corporate Environmental Management program produces professionals capable of harmonizing optimum financial business performance with environmental sustainability.

Knowledge of business management, natural and social sciences, new technologies and the corresponding regulatory framework is used as a basis for designing and implementing corporate sustainability strategies. Environmental management professionals use a systemic, competitive, practical, proactive, multidisciplinary approach to identify business solutions and opportunities in the current global market. They focus on environmental and social performance as an investment rather than an expense, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the country and the world.


  • Social Risk Management
  • Environmental Markets
  • Corporate Environmental Management
  • Corporate Sustainability Metrics



  • Head of corporate sustainability area of companies in any sector: services, insurance, banking, extractive industries, agricultural exports, etc.
  • Director or coordinator of social and environmental projects executed by national and international organizations
  • Consultant on environmental business matters
  • Entrepreneur specializing in environmental matters with a global perspective



Nicolás Mayo Reyes
Head of Occupational Health and Safety - SANNA
“As an USIL student, I learned how a business is run with regard to environmental matters. The academic program has that perspective; it gives students tools to apply later on, working for a company or starting one’s own business. Those who choose this major are guaranteed a good academic and life experience; because they will become aware of how important it is to care for the planet today.”