The program

Economics and Finance

The program

The USIL Economics and Finance Program produces professionals with a high level of competence in economic analysis, assessment and forecasting in corporate or public finance, with social responsibility and leadership for the application of their knowledge to meet the demands of the modern world and transform their surroundings.


  • International Business
  • Marketing



  • Capital market analyst
  • Analyst of corporate economics and finance
  • Analyst of public economics and finance
  • Consultant on economics and finance
  • Economics and finance teacher


César Montero Baluarte
Finance Assistant - Viva GyM
“I chose USIL for its educational quality and prestige in the field, the number of international agreements it has and the excellent curriculum. I’m grateful to the university for giving me many tools I’ll need in my job and professional life, unlike other universities. In addition, it gave me the focus on entrepreneurship for which USIL is known. I recommend studying here because it has a much more global perspective of economics and finance, which enables them to interact with other economic environments.”