The program


The program

The USIL Economics Program produces professionals with a high level of competence in the analysis, assessment and forecasting of the business, economic and social context, with the management and leadership skills to apply their knowledge to meet the demands of the modern world and transform their surroundings.


  • International Business
  • Finance



  • Business analyst 
  • Economic analyst
  • Economic policy analyst
  • Project manager
  • Business opportunity analyst
  • Economic researcher
  • Manager of one’s own business
  • Leader of working groups


Víctor Gamero Claudet
Assistant Manager of Exchange - BCP
“I chose USIL for its business approach and because it has successful professionals and economists as faculty members. I’m grateful to the university for all the tools it gave me at the professional level and for the culture of entrepreneurship it instilled in us. USIL is a modern institution that places emphasis on continuous improvement, has different international agreements, and focuses on values and entrepreneurship. Those who choose USIL ensure their future.”