The program

Entrepreneurship and Business Development

The program

The USIL Entrepreneurship and Business Development program shapes entrepreneurs with a business mentality, who are capable of observing their environment, analyzing the market, outlining a marketing plan, identifying adequate technology, determining the most appropriate legal and tax status, and evaluating alternative investment projects, for the purpose of starting their own business and being on the road to success by the time they graduate.


  • International Business
  • Finance
  • Innovation



  • Founder of companies based on business models supported by a business plan 
  • Leader of a working team to promote innovation and entrepreneurship based on market opportunities
  • Formulator and evaluator of business projects
  • Efficient manager of a company, working with professionalism in the areas of finance, accounting, marketing, operations, logistics and human resources
  • Promoter of an entrepreneurial, innovative business culture for the country’s development


Karla Matsuda Möhring
Entrepreneurship and Business Development major
“I decided to study at USIL because it is the only university with this program. In addition, it has bilingual courses that are not only centered on numbers, but also on management and entrepreneurship, which enables us to start our own business and not be just one more employee. I’m grateful to the university for the tools we receive every semester, the infrastructure, the educational workshops, and everything it has given me so far to do my internship effectively.”