The program


The program

The USIL Marketing Program produces professionals capable of analyzing the variables of the social, economic and competitive environment at the local, regional and global level, in addition to designing marketing strategies and plans for market research projects, price setting methods, promotional programs and distribution channels to ensure that goods, services and ideas are in line with the needs, wants and requirements of target markets.

Additionally, they will be capable of integrating and relating commercial objectives with those of the local, regional and global community.



  • International marketing and exports
  • Advertising and integrated marketing communications
  • Innovation and creativity



  • Commercial management
  • Commercial implementer
  • Organizational leadership
  • Product (goods, services, ideas) and brand development (branding)
  • Internal and external organizational communication
  • Commercial analysis
  • Marketing manager, brand manager, product manager or commercial line manager



Diego Cáceres Icaza
Brand Marketing Executive - Alicorp
"At USIL, I had the opportunity to learn about my field from the first day of classes. In addition, I received a specialized education with a wide variety of courses in marketing, business management, finance, economics and business administration. The bilingual curriculum (Spanish-English) is also a basic element that greatly facilitated the learning process and finding a job. Thanks to the considerable professional experience of the USIL faculty in the field of marketing, I had access to case studies that enabled me to develop my competencies to their fullest potential.”