The program

Business Engineering

The program

Graduates of the USIL Business Engineering program are experts in effectively linking two crucial spheres in the 21st century: business and information technologies.

They promote business models and technological innovation in every area of a company, especially in matters related to business management, resources and human capital. Over the course of their studies, students build their leadership skills and incorporate social responsibility and ethics in their academic and professional development.



  • Information Technology
  • Project Management
  • International Business



  • Developer, executor and manager of business models based on innovation and continuous improvement
  • Entrepreneur and creator of new business opportunities



Oswaldo Cárdenas Quispe
Business Engineering major
“I was drawn to the Business Engineering program at USIL because it combines everything: technology, human resources, business administration and marketing. Every semester, I learn new things and I like my major more. Thanks to USIL’s sponsorship, I had the experience of working for three months in the Merchandising area at Walt Disney World in Orlando. There I learned how a business is run in the United States. I’d like to have an international experience again soon, especially the opportunity to participate in an academic exchange in an Asian country. USIL is an open window on the world that enables us, as students, to learn how industry operates at the global level.”