The program

Civil Engineering

The program

Graduates of the Civil Engineering program have a commitment to society. They are in charge of the planning, design and execution of works that improve people’s quality of life.

Over the course of their studies, students in this program at USIL develop scientific and technological capacities that prepare them to work on large construction projects and to lead and manage groups, insisting on and implementing the most stringent safety standards, in the interest of social responsibility and environmental conservation. Their contribution will be fundamental to the creation of the infrastructure for which 21st century societies will be known.




Civil Engineering Laboratories at USIL Pachacámac
The new campus in Pachacámac has four laboratories with the latest generation equipment for students in the Civil Engineering program: Surveying Laboratory, Soil Laboratory, Materials and Concrete Technology Laboratory, and Fluid Mechanics and Channel Hydraulics Laboratory.



  • Structures
  • Hydraulics
  • Geotechnics
  • Road Infrastructure
  • Construction and Management



  • Developer of new technologies and procedures in the construction sector
  • Planner
  • Civil engineer with a socially responsible and environmentally conscious perspective
  • Developer and executor of civil engineering projects



Diego Ochoa Maldonado
Project Engineer - Dynatest
“At USIL, I had the considerable advantage of taking Civil Engineering courses in English, so I learned a lot of technical vocabulary in that language. My university gave me a solid education, with faculty members who are experts in their field and a curriculum that allows us to specialize in areas as wide-ranging and important as highway, soil and pavement engineering. Thanks to USIL, today I have a better idea which direction to take in my professional life.”