The program

Environmental Engineering

The program

The USIL Environmental Engineering program produces professionals who are committed to sustainable development and capable of planning, managing and evaluating projects, companies and resources in harmony with the environment and society.

USIL Environmental Engineering graduates have the competencies required to apply science and technology in order to solve environmental problems, bringing about efficiency and development.

Problems related to the environment are studied quantitatively and adequate technologies are applied to implement better practices in order to prevent air and water pollution, as well as to minimize solid waste.



  • Environmental Auditing
  • Eco - Business



  • Head of occupational health and environment programs of companies in different sectors
  • Environmental and sustainability consultant to public and private entities, as well as domestic and international NGOs
  • Specialist in environmental assessments and projects
  • Manager of environmental and/or social responsibility area
  • Environmental supervisor and auditor
  • Entrepreneur in sustainable, green business



Johana Abanto
Environmental Engineering major
"I chose this program at USIL because I’m environmentally aware and concerned about the major problems facing the planet. The university has an interesting curriculum that offers a broad perspective of what we can do as professionals. At USIL, concern about the environment can be seen everywhere. A new building just recently obtained LEED Silver certification, which is an important energy savings indicator that shows we are an ecofriendly institution.”