The program

Food Industry Engineering

The program

Are you innovative, creative and passionate about science, industry and nutrition? As a graduate of the Food Industry Engineering program, you will be a professional specializing in the important work of designing processes to transform food and give it added value that boosts its consumption in Peru and abroad.

Over the course of your studies at USIL, you will be in contact with industrial food handling, preservation and packaging processes. You will also receive a top-notch academic education, with expert instructors and ideal facilities for learning, such as biology, physics, microbiology and chemistry labs, in addition to a modern agro-industrial plant.


Professional Profile

What will you be able to do?

  • You will be an expert on industrial food transformation, preservation and packaging processes.
  • You will master the essential elements of agro-food technology.
  • You will acquire knowledge of biochemistry, physiochemistry and microbiology, which will enable you to create new nutritional products.
  • You will seek alternatives for optimizing processes and the use of resources.
  • You will apply your knowledge of business sciences to your undertakings.
  • You will lead multidisciplinary teams that achieve common objectives.


Areas of Professional Endeavor

  • Manager and promoter of industrial production planning and control in the food industry
  • Manager and promoter of food quality and safety
  • Development of food products and services
  • Specialist in industrial gastronomy
  • Specialist in the commercial and technical area



  • Food Quality and Safety
  • Agro-industrial Processing


You will make a difference:
Modern agro-industrial plant on the Pachacámac campus

USIL has a modern agro-industrial plant in Pachacamac, where you will be able to study and work the way you would in a real factory. There you will participate in practical courses, research, business undertakings and incubation of small and medium enterprises.

With over 1800 m2 of construction, the new USIL plant consists of three areas for processing jams, sauces, concentrated juices, nectars, vinaigrettes, emulsions, preserves, semi-preserves, dehydrated products, etc. Its steel machines, which are identical to those used in the industry, were manufactured in Italy, France, the United States and Peru.