The program

Industrial and Commercial Engineering

The program

The USIL Industrial and Commercial Engineering program produces versatile professionals who are capable of designing, managing and optimizing production and commercialization systems.

Students in this program receive a multidisciplinary education that gives them tools to master topics related to applied engineering, economics, statistics, accounting and business administration. They are essential to companies because they are able to understand technical language and engineering and business processes.



  • Operations Management
  • International Business
  • Logistics



  • Developer and promoter of projects related to the production of goods and services, geared toward the optimization of processes, making use of appropriate technologies
  • Promoter of new business opportunities, committed to social responsibility and professional ethics
  • Manager of operations planning throughout the supply chain from supply through physical distribution at the point of sale
  • Manager of industrial operations and services, applying industrial and environmental safety processes



Nitza Salazar Liendo
Business Management Executive - Telefónica del Perú
“Starting in the first semester, USIL allowed me to take introductory courses that made me want to learn more about new subjects. In addition, it takes an excellent commercial and multidisciplinary approach, with teachers that illustrate theory using case studies from the current market, as globalization demands. My alma mater contributed to my personal growth through interesting, complementary extracurricular activities that fostered team work. At USIL, I experienced a horizontal culture, where it was normal to approach the authorities to ask for their guidance on academic matters and life in general.”