The program

Information Systems Engineering

The program

The USIL Information Systems Engineering program produces professionals who are capable of using their creativity and knowledge in the creation, management and development of information and communication technologies (ICT), in order to tend to the needs of companies and corporations that hire them, as well as to start their own businesses. Their performance is marked by innovation, a humanist and analytical approach, and an ethical and socially responsible attitude in dealing with the challenges of the 21st century.


  • Information Technology Security and Networks
  • Development of Applications for Mobile Devices
  • Intelligent Systems



  • Software developer
  • Functional analyst
  • Network and communications manager
  • Database manager
  • ICT consultant
  • Information technology systems manager
  • Entrepreneur in the ICT sector



Alberto Norabuena
“I decided to study Systems Engineering because it’s a career with global reach. I chose USIL, a university with an entrepreneurial culture that gave me the tools to start my own business: Abbost, a customized cloud-based (Internet) hotel management system. Currently, we have a hotel management system called XAFIRO, which has good market acceptance. The company also provides management courses and management training. At USIL, I found high-level education, with experienced faculty members, bilingual education, excellent infrastructure, computer laboratories, and spaces for conducting research.”