The program

Logistics and Transportation Engineering

The program

The USIL Logistics and Transportation Engineering program shapes professionals prepared to plan, run and manage supply chains, from relationships with suppliers through distribution at points of sale.

They design and formulate transportation management strategies, taking into account their technical feasibility and impact on the environment and users. They also formulate solutions for the entire logistical process, including supply, production, distribution and reverse logistics.



  • Simulation of Transportation Models for Distribution Operations
  • Supply Chain Management



  • Engineer in charge of developing, executing and promoting transportation models for the supply chain
  • Expert on the management of storage and distribution centers
  • Engineer supply chains manager
  • Engineering design consultant on distribution centers



Ana Lucía Riega Ocharán
Logistics and Transportation Engineering major
"I chose this major because it combines everything I like: engineering, transportation and the import/export business. It’s a new and demanding major that offers great opportunities and demands considerable knowledge of math and physics. At USIL, I’ve found excellent teachers with a lot of experience who always help us solve and analyze cases. In addition, we take English courses. The English language is very important in our field, as it requires professionals capable of working abroad.”