The program

Gastronomy and Restaurant Management

The program

As a student in the USIL Gastronomy and Restaurant Management program, you will develop leadership skills in order to be able to work in a culturally diverse global environment as an agent and manager of food and beverage services in corporations, businesses and institutions throughout the world.

Over the course of your education, you will acquire multidisciplinary knowledge in areas such as nutrition, business, languages and public relations.

Mission of the program

To shape professional leaders in the administration of food and beverage operations who are capable of developing and managing culinary projects, as entrepreneurs with values and commitment to the country’s development.


Professional Profile

What will you be able to do?

  • You will create innovative culinary projects that adapt to new national and international culinary and dietary trends.
  • You will master operational and administrative tasks in food and beverage areas.
  • You will maintain high standards of quality in service and protocol.
  • You will analyze diverse sociocultural contexts in order to develop culinary services.
  • You will use financial, technological and marketing tools in order to optimize, manage and evaluate undertakings in the food and beverage sector.
  • You will plan and organize social, corporate and institutional events.
  • You will develop team work and human resource management skills.


You will make a difference

Top-notch faculty

A team of instructors educated at the world’s top culinary schools and universities will provide you with the knowledge necessary for you to become a first-class culinary professional.

Cutting-edge infrastructure

Our infrastructure is among the most advanced in Latin America. We have several fully-equipped kitchens, a teaching restaurant, a wine-tasting classroom and computer labs with the best restaurant management systems, such as Micros.

Bilingual College

You will take courses in your area of specialization in English and Spanish. You may also study other languages, such as French, German, Chinese and Italian, as electives.

Internships in Peru

The Gastronomy and Restaurant Management program has an extensive internship program in Peru that will allow you to obtain hands-on training at prestigious companies.

  • Internship at JW Marriot
    Our Internship at the Marriott program will enable you to do a paid, six-month internship at the JW Marriott hotels in Lima or Cusco. You will also be able to earn academic credit for special courses taught at the hotel.
  • Semester in Cusco
    This exclusive program allows you to spend a semester doing an internship at companies in the hospitality industry in the city of Cusco, taking online courses as well.



Areas of Professional Endeavor

  • Restaurant manager
  • Event organizer (independent, institutional catering or airline catering)
  • Entrepreneur in the food business
  • Consultant to food and beverage companies
  • Culinary marketing
  • Manager or director of food and beverage areas at hotels
  • Project developer
  • Bar, beverage and wine management
  • Nutrition areas



  • Haute Cuisine
  • Pastry
  • Nutrition
  • Event Management