The program

Art and Design

The program

As a graduate of the Art and Design program, you will be a professional capable of starting and running your own visual communication business, mastering the process of conceptualization of your customers’ needs.

For this purpose, you will make use of high technology communication methods and tools, with which you will be able to create images that generate identity through recognition of the multicultural Peruvian reality, contributing to the recovery of the diversity of our heritage.



  • Design and Brand Management
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Residential and Commercial Interiors



  • Consultant on brand and product image and design.
  • Graphics editor of magazines, newspapers and diverse publications.
  • Social design project developer
  • Director of one’s own photography studio.
  • Conceptualizer and designer of interactive, web and applications.
  • Professional visual communication and image advisor.
  • Director of one’s own interior design studio.
  • Art director at advertising agencies.
  • Social communication consultant. 
  • Director of one’s own information design and illustration studio.



Chiara Ridella
Teaching assistant in the Art and Design program - USIL
“I decided to study Art and Design at USIL due to the versatility of the academic program and because it’s not only about graphic design; it is also a compendium of all the areas of specialization in this field. In addition, it’s the only university offering it. I’m grateful for my education in the basic notions of business management, such as administration and economics, which have given me a basis for developing professionally with efficient results.”