The program


The program

Graduates of the USIL Psychology program have a strong critical and ethical sense.

They are professionals who are knowledgeable about science and capable of understanding, evaluating and intervening in psychological processes that are determinant in the development of human potential, which makes the human and social transformation of the country possible. 

Graduates of the Psychology program have a wide range of professional possibilities open to them.



  • Business Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology



Business Psychology:

  • Human Resources manager in public and private organizations
  • Specialist in managing the image of individuals and organizations
  • Consultant on public relations, commercial management, advertising and business psychology
  • Researcher on problems related to the area of business psychology
  • Educator on subjects related to psychology in university programs

Clinical Psychology:

  • Director, promoter and manager of areas related to mental health: clinics, hospitals or health institutions
  • Cognitive behavioral psychotherapist in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders
  • Specialist in clinical psychology in rehabilitation units (drug dependency, neuropsychological and psychogeriatric rehabilitation)
  • Researcher on problems related to clinical psychology
  • Educator on subjects related to psychology in university programs



Carlo André Ángeles Manturano Reyes
Development Assistant - Graña and Montero
“Psychology is an important part of business development, and studying at USIL not only gave me knowledge of this field as a science, but also every business discipline related to it, which prepared me to work well at the company level. I’m grateful for the education I received not only in psychology, but also in entrepreneurship and business.”