The program

International Relations

The program

The USIL International Relations program is the first step toward a diplomatic career. This program is mainly geared toward people who are deeply committed to the development of their country and the region through good relations between nations.

Students in this program should be empathetic, flexible individuals who are capable of working in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams to formulate and develop strategies that contribute—with ethics and social responsibility —to interrelation between different states and other players on the international scene.

Graduates of this program are able to understand and appreciate the relevance of different aspects of the dynamics of international relations, such as integration, migration, international development, the environment, and terrorism.


  • International Business
  • Environmental Policy



  • Diplomatic career
  • International negotiations
  • International programs of non-governmental organizations (NGO) or international organizations
  • International researcher and analyst
  • Specialist in corporate relations
  • Specialist in media relations and international journalism
  • Consultant and advisor on negotiations and international lobbying
  • Specialist in corporate relations



Diego Alberto Zapata Gonzales
International Relations major / Intern at JKM customs agency
"I decided to study International Relations at USIL because I’ve always been interested in international diplomacy, and this academic program is what will bring me closer to this goal. When I learned of the university’s prestige, I had no doubts about applying. As a specialist in international relations, I’m a well-rounded professional with knowledge of other fields, such as international economics, international law, political science, environmental engineering and others related to international order.”