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The USIL Business Administration Program produces entrepreneurs with a global outlook, capable of researching, applying and managing knowledge, using resources strategically and solving problems in a creative, forward-thinking manner with social responsibility. In addition, they are trained to lead work teams in changing and competitive settings, acting with ethics and commitment with regard to the goals of the organization.

Milagros Garrido
Events Coordinator - Kamay Bodas y Eventos

"I feel that the education I received at USIL gave me the knowledge I need for my career. Also, the university has a business perspective and I like that a lot, since students are motivated to use their ideas to start their own businesses. The faculty members are active in their professions and use real cases to illustrate theory”.

 Course Curriculum
Entrepreneurship and Business Development   
The USIL Entrepreneurship and Business Development program produces professionals with an entrepreneurial mentality and the capacity to observe the setting in which they operate, analyze the market, outline a marketing plan, identify adequate technology, determine the most appropriate legal and tax structure, and assess alternative investment projects for the purpose of successfully managing their own companies after they graduate.

Felipe Vascones
Entrepreneurship and Business Development Major

“Since I was in high school, I knew I didn’t want to work for someone else. When I learned of this major and saw the courses I would be taking, I knew it was exactly what I wanted. I was even more enthused when I saw the introductory video and heard Daniel Diez Canseco say that we wouldn’t graduate unless we had a business that was a going concern. I knew it was right for me. Now that I’m taking courses such as Entrepreneurial Spirit and Perspective of Ideas and Business Opportunities, I feel good about what I’m learning”.

 Course Curriculum
The USIL Economics Program produces professionals with a high level of competence in the analysis, assessment and prediction of the business, economic and social context, with management and leadership capacities for the application of their knowledge to the demands of the modern world and for effective transformation of their surroundings.

Humberto Juan Agurto
Small Business Loans Area - Scotiabank

“In my opinion, USIL is a very good university that has given me the tools I need for success in my profession. It also gave me different options for specialization within my major. I think it’s very important for students’ education to be guided by an entrepreneur, due to the rapid growth of the domestic market, as well as international markets where there are new business opportunities and new market niches every day”.

 Course Curriculum
Economics and Finance
The USIL Economics and Finance Program produces professionals with a high level of competence in analysis, assessment and economic forecasting in corporate or public finance, with social responsibility and leadership for the application of their knowledge to the demands of the modern world and for effective transformation of their surroundings.

Stephani Figueroa
Economics and Finance Major

“Since the first semesters, our courses have been didactic and instructional, helping us to prepare to take on challenges in the future. The curriculum provides the education we need with the latest teaching methods necessary for learning in a didactic manner”.

 Course Curriculum
Economics and International Business
The USIL Economics and International Business Program produces professionals with a high level of competence in the design, analysis and economic management of entrepreneurial undertakings and international businesses, with social responsibility and leadership in the application of their knowledge to the demands of the modern world and for effective transformation of their surroundings.

Mauricio Scerpella
Corporate Cost and Budgeting Manager - Minera Volcan

“USIL provided me with a professional education with a global business perspective, enabling me to focus my efforts on my area, corporate objectives. In addition, I obtained analytical tools and new criteria for identifying problems and designing the best solution possible. As professionals, we are capable of holding important positions, due to the fact that we are able to undertake projects in an entrepreneurial manner”.

 Course Curriculum
Corporate Environmental Management
The USIL Environmental Management program produces professionals capable of harmonizing optimum financial business performance with environmental sustainability. Knowledge of business management, natural and social sciences, new technologies and the corresponding regulatory framework is used as a basis for designing and implementing corporate sustainability strategies. Environmental management professionals offer a systemic, competitive, practical, proactive, multidisciplinary approach to identify business solutions and opportunities in the current global market. They focus on environmental and social performance as an investment rather than an expense, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the country and the world.

Karla Pérez
Environmental Management Major

“They are not only concerned with our being employed by a company, but rather they prepare us to run a company, giving us the tools we need and educating us with a business mentality so that we are capable of executing our projects. In addition, they provide us with a bilingual education, because we live in a completely globalized world and we have to deal with it”.

 Course Curriculum
International Business
AT USIL, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS IS MORE THAN JUST IMPORTS AND EXPORTS Although exports and imports are an essential part of the USIL International Business Program, this would not be sufficient for USIL. We also teach our students to develop managerial skills that will enable them to work for multinational companies – in Peru or anywhere in the world – in Management, International Marketing, Logistics and Human Resources, among other areas, thereby expanding their employment opportunities. At the same time, they develop skills in order to adapt easily to change, as well as to traveling and becoming familiar with different cultures and settings.

Daniel Coronado
International Business Major

“The education I’ve received at USIL has enabled me to see the world as a single segment full of opportunities for doing business. It has also taught me to take on challenges and deal with situations that require determination, applying the concept of entrepreneurship day by day.”

 Course Curriculum
The USIL Marketing Program produces professionals capable of analyzing the variables of the social, economic and competitive environment at the local, regional and global level, in addition to designing marketing strategies and plans for market research projects, price setting methods, promotional programs and distribution channels to ensure that goods, services and ideas are in line with the needs, wants and requirements of the target markets. Additionally, they will be capable of integrating and relating commercial objectives with those of the local, regional and global community.

Luis Huamán
Commercial Manager - Integro Peru

“The business and competence-based education at USIL is undoubtedly its main value that I could highlight, not only because it is indispensable in professional performance and advancement, but also because fostering an entrepreneurial perspective helps us to have a different view of the market that facilitates the identification of opportunities”.

 Course Curriculum
The USIL Law Program produces leaders with a solid juridical background and knowledge of matters related to business. They have a critical and analytical perspective of their setting and they are capable of creating opportunities in a constantly changing world, through an educational model based on an innovated curriculum, outstanding faculty, a demanding academic level and our students’ personalized development. They know and deal with the scientific aspects of their profession with rigorousness, using their knowledge with tolerance and respect for justice and the truth.

Raúl Coya Orozco
Recipient of Award for Academic Excellence 2006, 2007 and 2008
Legal and Tax Services Area - PricewaterhouseCoopers

"The education provided by the law program not only gives you an important theoretical foundation, but also a practical outlook that enables you to understand the concepts and topics discussed with a concrete application. Another advantage that I think is important to mention is that USIL enables you to take a broad approach, taking courses in business administration, accounting and economics”.

 Course Curriculum
International Relations
The USIL International Relations program was established due to the on-going and growing relations between different countries. Currently, this situation requires countries to develop expertise to take advantage of it in order to obtain results that favor entrepreneurs and the general public. Therefore, our program comprises the political science of different countries, using it to gain an understanding of developments in international relations, mainly in the diplomatic sphere, but also in units composing the international panorama, such as international organizations, NGOs, governmental institutions and international corporations.

Ángela Soriano
International Relations Major

“In my opinion, the design of the curricular structure is very good. The courses focus on topics related to the major and many case studies are presented. In addition, I think it’s very important that the curriculum is bilingual, because we live in a globalized world and not knowing English is a disadvantage. This, together with strategic alliances with universities throughout the world, enables us to participate in international exchanges and prepares us to operate at the highest professional levels in large international organizations”.

 Course Curriculum
Tourism Administration
The USIL Tourism Administration program produces professionals capable of starting and managing sustainable tourism companies and projects, with mastery of planning and managing destinations and development of competitive, innovative tourism products and services. They place emphasis on customer satisfaction, offering tourism services with high quality standards that fulfill customer expectations and promote economic activity that contributes to the welfare of society.

Daysy Ángeles
Project Manager – Condor Travel

““I studied Tourism Administration at USIL because the program promotes the sustainable development of tourism destinations with a responsible business approach. This professional outlook has enabled me to propose and supervise the implementation of tourism projects that contribute to the country’s social, environmental and economic sustainability. The high point of my career so far is seeing how communities recover and value their cultural and natural heritage, while improving their living conditions through tourism business”.

 Course Curriculum
Hospitality Management
The USIL Hospitality Management program produces professionals capable of managing service companies, including hotels, restaurants, clubs, clinics and hospitals, among others. Our graduates are able to compete in the globalized job market, which offers them the opportunity to succeed in a profession without borders.

Renato Canani
General Manager - Prolúdica

“The USIL Hospitality Management program provided me with a number of benefits to begin building my dream, as it combines tools for business, services, lodging, food & beverage service and organization of events, which have been very useful to me. Today I can say that I’m very glad I chose USIL, since they taught me to run my own business, Prolúdica, starting with my first classes. I am grateful to USIL because, even two years after I graduated, they continue helping me and participating in my company’s incubation”.

 Course Curriculum
Culinary Arts
The USIL Culinary Arts Program produces professionals who master the latest national and international culinary techniques. They are capable of leading, motivating and guiding their co-workers with ethical and moral values, as well as managing a food production business profitably, taking social responsibility into account and demonstrating the knowledge necessary to ensure a culinary experience that satisfies the requirements of the target market, preparing delicious nutritious foods, with high sanitary and quality standards. In addition, they are able to obtain local and international job offers, as they are qualified to run an operation with an adequate level of English, in addition to being trained to create recipes, proposals for events, menus and perfect food and wine pairings.

Aníbal Tomecich
Culinary Arts Major

“I studied at the USIL School of Culinary Arts and had the opportunity to work for important companies in Lima and abroad. However, I felt I needed to gain more knowledge and decided to enroll in the Culinary Arts degree program, since this would enable me to learn everything I needed to know to start my own business or create a product. I think that Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola is the right path to achieve my goals”.

 Course Curriculum
Gastronomy and Restaurant Management
The USIL Gastronomy and Restaurant Management Program produces leaders with the capacity to operate in a global, culturally diverse setting, starting culinary entrepreneurships, managing restaurants and food and beverage services, as well as organization of events, applying administrative science in an integrated and socially responsible manner.

Alejandro Villa García
Gastronomy and Restaurant Management Major

“The education at USIL includes theory and practical courses, in addition to the fact that they provide you with experiences related to your major starting the first day of classes. In addition, they provide business education and encourage entrepreneurship and professional fulfillment. All of this, together with international alliances, makes USIL a great university.”

 Course Curriculum
Agro-Industrial Engineering and Agribusiness
The USIL Agro-industrial Engineering and Agribusiness Program produces leaders capable of designing, executing and assessing agro-industrial processes, applying solid knowledge of science, engineering, food technology and business management tools that enable them to create, develop and manage companies efficiently and effectively. Emphasis is placed on the development of new agro-industrial products, promoting good practices in relation with quality, food safety and environmental management in agro-industrial processes. They develop cooperative practices, such as teamwork and effective communication. Their conduct is based on ethics, commitment to a culture of entrepreneurship and social responsibility toward their community.

Jose Carlos Infantes
Quality Assurance - Corporación Lindley S.A.

“Studying at USIL has given me the tools I need to work in different areas within my major, surpassing the established goals and objectives. I definitely think my instructors were a key factor in my education at USIL because, in addition to sharing knowledge, they enriched us with their experience, making our learning experience much more complete”.

 Course Curriculum
Civil Engineering
Graduates of the USIL Civil Engineering program are competent professionals with a solid education in science and technology who are capable of planning, designing and executing civil works. They use modern techniques in the execution and management of assets in order to satisfy the demands of the construction sector. They are committed to good practices in safety in civil works and environmental management. They promote teamwork and communicate effectively within the field of civil engineering. They are committed to a culture of entrepreneurship and social responsibility.

Úrsula Loayza
Civil Engineering Major

“I think that, in addition to the excellent curriculum, USIL’s international alliances are very important because they allow me to pursue my major with knowledge about different environments, as well as to gain professional experience in another country. In addition, the business education we receive is very important, as I hope to have my own company”.

 Course Curriculum
Industrial and Commercial Engineering
The USIL Industrial and Commercial Engineering program produces innovative leaders with decision-making capacity in the field of financial, administrative, production and operations management. With global foresight, they employ business management tools geared toward satisfying present and future demand. They are committed to and promote good practices in industrial safety and environmental management. They work well as members of teams and communicate effectively. They are committed to and promote good practices in industrial safety and environmental management. They work well as members of teams and communicate effectively. Their conduct is based on ethics and commitment to a culture of entrepreneurship and social responsibility.

José Manuel Ferrer
Occupational Hygiene Area - Compañía Minera Antamina

“I believe the education I received at USIL provided me with the tools I need as a professional, especially the business education I received starting with the first courses I took. You learn how a company operates, how the different areas within a company interrelate and each area’s functions”.

 Course Curriculum
Information Systems Engineering
The USIL Information Systems Engineering Program produces professionals with knowledge of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), capable of applying and managing them effectively and efficiently, tending to the needs of the company, whether their own or that of an employer, with innovative, business-oriented foresight. Their performance is distinguished by a humanistic orientation, critical thinking about the national and international situation and an ethical and socially responsible attitude.

Manuel Zambrano
General Manager - Enfoqueweb SAC.

“I’m the general manager of my own company, ENFOQUEWEB SAC, a company that produces and commercializes software. We have ample experience using information technology for the purpose of obtaining products of great value in business management. I believe that the education I received at USIL has enabled me to catch that entrepreneurial spirit of continuing to create and develop new companies in our country”.

 Course Curriculum
Food Industry Engineering
The USIL Food Industry Engineering program produces innovative leaders capable of efficiently and effectively linking businesses and technologies related to food processing, with competences for managing innovative business models through project management and support from process management. They employ tools with adequate practices for continuous improvement in business models, managing resources and human capital. They promote innovation in their professional management. They develop practices of high-performance teams, maintaining effective communication. Their conduct is based on ethics and commitment to a culture of entrepreneurship and social responsibility in their setting and toward their community.


It is the branch of engineering that employs the fundamentals of science, contributing to the development and innovation of the food industry. Students acquire knowledge and develop competences in the handling, processing, preservation and packaging of industrially produced food intended for human consumption.

 Course Curriculum
Business Engineering
The USIL Business Engineering Program produces innovative leaders with the capacity to link business and information technologies efficiently and effectively, with competences for managing innovative business models through project management with the support of process management. They use tools and best practices for continuous development in business models in order to manage human capital and resources. They foster innovation in their professional activity and develop practices of high-performance teams, maintaining effective communication in their surroundings. Their conduct is ethical and they are committed to a culture of entrepreneurship and social responsibility in their setting and in the community.


This institution is known worldwide for fostering project management and good professional practices. It stands out in the field of engineering in our country; that is, among future professionals.

 Course Curriculum
Logistics and Transportation Engineering
The USIL Logistics and Transportation Engineering program shapes professionals prepared to plan, run and manage supply chains, from relationships with suppliers through distribution at points of sale. They design and formulate transportation management strategies, taking into account their technical feasibility and impact on the environment and users. They also formulate solutions for the entire logistical process, including supply, production, distribution and reverse logistics.

Architecture and Urban Planning
The USIL Architecture and Urban Planning Program produces creative leaders with the capacity to imagine, design, manage and build products for which there is demand, with intensive use of technology, solving architectonic and urban/territorial problems, creating innovative entrepreneurial initiatives, effectively leading the development of cities and the territory, and sustaining the commitment to generate a society of entrepreneurs, a humanized city and a productive territory.

Alejandro Saavedra
General Manager - ASC Arquitectos

“Thanks to the holistic, competence-based, bilingual education I received at USIL, I was able to start my own business before graduation. Now I’m the general manager of ASC Arquitectos, a successful design and construction firm. I decided to go to USIL because I think it prepares students for the real world. I believe that a professional who graduates without management tools, without the basics of business administration, economics and finance, without a globalized perspective of the world, will be lost in the competitive work world”.

 Course Curriculum
Early Childhood Education
The Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola Early Childhood Education program has an innovative approach to education based on philosophical, scientific and pedagogical foundations. It assumes the modularization of child development and places importance on the educational process through fun experiences, for the optimization of talent in children from 0 to 6 years of age. The objective is to produce dedicated educators capable of adequately responding to the particular needs of early childhood in a constantly changing globalized world.

Art and Design
The USIL Art and Design Program produces professionals capable of founding and running their own visual communication businesses, mastering the process of conceptualizing customer needs, and making use of communication methods and high-technology tools. They create images that generate identity through recognition of the multicultural aspect of Peru, thereby fostering an inclusion and social responsibility process, identifying with the target market for communication systems, while avoiding stereotypes or copying foreign formats, improving the quality of living in Peru and contributing toward the recuperation of our multicultural heritage, using it as inspiration for a current, cutting-edge version. In addition, they are capable of demonstrating effective leadership and ethical conduct to their working teams, with commitment to the achievement of shared objectives.

Diana Chang
Organizational Communication Assistant - Saga Falabella

“I truly believe that my education at USIL has provided me with a solid foundation for my professional development, in my field as well as with regard to business and social responsibility. It gave me a range of tools to use in my professional life”.

 Course Curriculum
Design and Brand Management  
Design and Brand Management majors acquire a thorough knowledge of the brand concept, its strategic importance and its value to a company. They must be familiar with the concept of brand equity and establish strategies for its creation and design, as well as its development and maintenance in different competitive environments, developing local and global brand portfolios.

 Course Curriculum
Multimedia and Advertising Photography  
The USIL Multimedia and Advertising Photography program produces professionals capable of starting their own companies, mastering creativity and images through conceptualization processes, and making use of high-technology visual communication methods. For this reason, Multimedia and Advertising Photography professionals capture reality and transform it for the communication objectives established by the client or final user, creating new images of great visual semiotic value with world class technological advances.

 Course Curriculum
The USIL Communications program produces professionals who evaluate and identify different public and private communication scenarios, propose innovative communication strategies and plans that satisfy current and future needs for these scenarios, and take the lead in producing effective communication products in a highly competitive, globalized environment.

Tifany Burbano
Account Executive with the Social Media Group

“I decided to go to USIL because it offered me a very complete curriculum. In addition, it has a faculty with well-known specialists on different subjects. I feel that my education at USIL satisfied my every need as a university student and motivated me to make an effort every day to be one of the best among a group of such competitive young people. The demanding education and the qualifications of the faculty are two reasons that I recommend USIL”.

 Course Curriculum
The USIL Psychology program is distinguished by its pertinence to modern science. Its innovative perspective offers a wide range of professional possibilities, covering organizational and clinical psychology, which are crucial to mental health and job-related performance in a globalized and highly competitive job market. We train psychologists with a strong sense of ethics, knowledge of science, and the capacity to understand, evaluate and intervene in psychological processes that are critical to the development and management of human potential in organizations. They are professionals committed to a culture of prevention and education that makes a better quality of life possible, as well as the country’s human and social transformation.

Ariana Del Río
Psychology Major

“The education at USIL is not only about one’s major, but also business and entrepreneurship, which will enable me to develop my specialty with greater effectiveness and professionalism. In addition, the courses are geared toward my major, the faculty members are highly qualified and they have the experience required to transmit adequate information on each subject”.

 Course Curriculum