USIL Center for Global Education holds informative talks on its programs at Markham College in Miraflores

On Tuesday, May 6, the Universidad San Ignacio Loyola Center for Global Education (CGE) held informative talks on its international academic programs for students from bilingual schools. The event took place at Markham College in Miraflores.

Participating in the event were senior administrators from CGE partner universities, including Dr. Roger Brindley, USF System vice president, USF World, at the University of South Florida; Dr. Agnes de Franco, professor and Conrad N. Hilton Distinguished Chair at the University of Houston Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management; David Moore, dean of International Education at Broward College; and Rolando García, Broward College South Campus president, who spoke about the characteristics and benefits of their respective academic programs.

During the event, graduates of the USF General Business Administration program, Andrea and Fabiana Carranza Roy, shared their experiences attending the CGE and how their professional perspectives have changed as a result.

Students were also informed of the benefits of studying at Broward College (to obtain an Associate degree prior to obtaining a Bachelor’s degree), as well as the work of the CGE. In this manner, interested parents and students were able to learn about opportunities to study at a foreign university without leaving the country. 


Salvador Franco Bravo Sánchez
Colegio San José de Monterrico
“I found the talks very interesting, since I was thinking of it as a second option. I’d like to know all the options so that I can make a good decision. Both Broward and USF are appealing. I think that’s the easiest way to study at an American university.”

Maíza Sánchez Bustamante
Salvador’s mother

“The talks were very interesting. I think it must be a very enriching experience for students wanting to get a good education from universities in the United States, with all the support they need. I think people should have greater access to the information you provide, because it’s an excellent opportunity for our children.”


Julio César Tirado
Colegio Claretiano

“The talks helped me in thinking about my future. They’ve opened my mind to new possibilities, to new ways of seeing my education. I think we’ll talk at home about the possibility of my going to a foreign university.”

Julio Tirado Rivasplata
Julio’s father

“I came to clear up questions I had about this program and to see what possibilities there are for my son to study at a foreign university. From what I’ve heard, it’s a good option, very interesting.”

Sugey Salazar Castillo
Colegio San Antonio IHM

“That was very interesting information about the programs. I especially liked the testimonials of the graduates of the University of South Florida. I’d like to major in International Business or International Business Administration.”

José Carlos Salazar Farfán
Sugey’s father

“I had considered the possibility of my children studying abroad, but after listening to the talks, I have high expectations of the program. You always want the best for your children, and I think this is an excellent option to avoid having them away from us so soon without affecting their opportunities.”


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