USIL bids farewell to the first group in the Academic Exchange Program with the Walt Disney Company and San Ignacio University

USIL ambassadors to the world! Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola held a farewell ceremony for the 21 students selected by the Walt Disney Company to participate in the first Academic Exchange Program with San Ignacio University (SIU). This program will enable them to work at one of the Disney theme parks and, at the same time, take classes for a semester at SIU in Miami, Florida.

The farewell ceremony took place on Tuesday, June 20 in the La Pérgola auditorium on the Fernando Belaunde Terry campus. In attendance were USIL founder and chairman of the Board of Directors, Raúl Diez Canseco Terry; the president of the university, Dr. Ramiro Salas Bravo; the vice president of International Relations, Sally Gil Ramón; and the director of International Mobility, Rosmery Barreto. 

During his speech, Raúl Diez Canseco Terry encouraged the 21 young students to leave a good impression of Peru abroad and to make the most of the entrepreneurial education they have received at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola so that they can take control of their lives, focus on their personal development, start a business, and be winners. 

“Don’t be afraid to stumble and fall, because you’ll get back up (...). I congratulate you and find it hard to believe I’m facing such an important group from San Ignacio that will be going away for six months (...). All of you have a double responsibility: representing all Peruvians well, and also your parents,” the USIL founder and chairman of the Board of Directors told them in closing.

Dr. Ramiro Salas highlighted the presence of 16 Ecuadorian students who, for the first time, are joining in this program with Disney and SIU. He also emphasized the role of the 21 young people as USIL ambassadors and thanked their parents for entrusting their education to our university. “Over the coming weeks, you will have the opportunity to get to know our sister university, meet local students, and start working for Disney. Have a good stay!” the president of USIL told them.
The vice president of International Relations highlighted the 258 international academic agreements the university has, as well as all of its programs that help students have a global experience.

During the ceremony, the representative of the student delegation, Cristal Egoavil Morales, from the Hospitality Management program, thanked USIL for making this great adventure possible. “As a student with previous international academic experiences, including three months in the Disney Cultural Exchange Program and a year at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management in Dubai, I can tell you that these international experiences offer students a number of benefits and advantages,” she said.

Students from the Marketing, Business, Hospitality Management, Tourism Administration, Gastronomy, International Business and Dual Degree programs will leave for the United States on July 1 and return to Peru on January 4, 2018. They will be joined by 16 students from Universidad San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador, who were selected by USIL and Disney for this program with SIU. We wish them all success!


Cristal Egoavil Morales
Hospitality Management major

“I’m very grateful to USIL for the opportunities I’ve had for growth, seeing different countries and studying. I’ve already done a three-month exchange working for Disney and a one-year academic exchange at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management in Dubai, but this is the first time I’ll be working and studying. It will be much more difficult, but therein lies the challenge.”


César Camiloaga Castro
Communications major

“This is the second time I’m going to Disney, but it will be for a longer time. I’m very happy about it. Among my expectations for these six months are making good grades in all my courses and having a lot of fun. This time I’ll be working in Attractions and Merchandising.”


Alexandra Goycochea Neyra
Economics and International Business major

“This is my second international academic experience, but the first time I’ll also be working. Thanks to USIL, I had the opportunity to participate in an academic exchange for a year in South Korea, and now I’ll learn to divide my time between my work at Disney and my studies. I feel this will open the doors to the world to me and giving me a great experience working for the Walt Disney Company.”


Gabriela Flores Bruno
Hospitality Management major

Dual Degree in Business Administration at SIU
“I also had the opportunity to go to Disney in the three-month program from which we returned in February. Now I’m going for the 6-month program, and it’s also my first experience working and studying at the same time. I hope to gain experience, learn to manage my time well, be responsible and grow professionally. When I get back, I hope to be able to apply what I’ve learned in every work experience I have here in Lima.”


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