The program

Agro-industrial Engineering and Agribusiness

The program

Turning agricultural resources into products with added value, thereby contributing to agricultural development and innovation, will be your primary mission as a graduate of the USIL Agro-industrial Engineering and Agribusiness program.

With the knowledge you will acquire about science and engineering, food technology and business management, you will be capable of designing, executing and evaluating important agro-industrial projects. If you have an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in the science and technology employed in food processing, this is the major for you.


Professional profile

What will you be able to do?

  • You will manage agro-industrial and agribusiness projects.
  • You will create and develop business projects for the sector.
  • You will optimize the use of resources in line with your commitment to caring for the environment.
  • You will be responsible for agro-industrial processes that turn raw materials into products with added value.
  • You will foster ethical attitudes and social responsibility, respecting regulatory standards and policies.
  • You will oversee, ensure and assess the quality of processed products.
  • You will develop an entrepreneurial, proactive attitude and be flexible to change.


Areas of Professional Endeavor

  • Director and promoter of agro-industrial production, planning and control.
  • Director and promoter of food safety and quality in agro-industrial and food-related processes.
  • Agro-industrial product and service developer.
  • Specialist in agribusiness and agricultural exports.
  • Promoter of agro-industrial processes that promote social inclusion and job opportunities for the surrounding community.



  • Food Quality and Safety
  • Food Processing.