The program

Nutrition and Dietetics

The program

As a graduate of the Nutrition and Dietetics program, you will have the aptitudes and competencies required to work effectively in disease prevention and health promotion.

You will be able to contribute to the physical, psychological and social welfare of the globalized world, designing innovative proposals to encourage people to adopt a healthy life style. In addition, you will know how to manage nutrition and food production and service companies with efficiency and responsibility at the global level.


Program Profile

Areas of Professional Endeavor

  • Manager of food and nutrition companies
  • Nutritionist at hospitals, clinics and other public and private health establishments
  • Researcher on food and nutrition at public and private research institutes (CENAN, INIA, etc.)
  • Advisor and auditor of food and nutrition companies
  • Nutrition advisor to international organizations (Unicef, PAHO, World Bank, etc.) and NGOs (Prisma, Caritas, Care, etc.)
  • Nutrition advisor to sports institutions and clubs


Professional competencies

  • You will oversee food and nutrition service and production projects, considering cultural, social and economic factors and meeting national and international quality standards.
  • You will be able to guide people and populations on the adoption of healthy life styles through the design of health promotion and eating disorder prevention programs.
  • You will optimize nutritional services for healthy and sick people at different stages of their lives, treating them ethically and empathetically.
  • You will conduct studies on food and nutrition, working with scientific methods and multidisciplinary research teams.



  • Integrative and Functional Nutrition
    • Course 1: Functional Foods
    • Course 2: Integrative Nutrition
    • Course 3: Functional Nutrition
    • Course 4: Coaching in Integrative and Functional Nutrition

  • Nutrition in Chronic Disease Prevention
    • Course 1: Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
    • Course 2: Healthy Food and Chronic Disease Prevention
    • Course 3: Nutrition and Chronic Disease Prevention
    • Course 4: Nutritional Coaching in Chronic Disease Prevention

  • Nutrition in Physical Activity and Sports
    • Course 1: Health Management and Physical Education
    • Course 2: Exams and Measurements in Healthcare and Physical Education
    • Course 3: Nutrition Applied to Exercise and Sports
    • Course 4: Nutritional Coaching in Physical Activity and Sports