The program


The program

We will prepare you to be a leader in the field of music, with the ability to work in a global, culturally diverse environment, developing your own musical style, creating musical undertakings, as well as other projects in the industry. You will also oversee recorded productions, using new technologies and applying business science in a comprehensive, socially responsible manner.


What you will learn:

  • Performance. You will develop skills for musical execution and producing live shows.
  • Artistic sensitivity. You will connect with your emotions and those of your audience through music composition and interpretation.
  • Home studio management. You will be involved in music production in different settings and media, using complex electronic and music equipment.
  • Use of digital tools. You will use new technologies, specialized software and the Internet in independent project management, production and promotion.
  • Teaching music. You will master teaching techniques in order to help people develop their musical talent as performers, composers or arrangers.


Upon graduation, you may be employed as a:

  • Music director.
  • Music composer and arranger (classical, jazz, rock, pop, etc.).
  • Director of music education projects.
  • Director of multidisciplinary artistic projects.
  • Organizer of musical productions (symphony orchestras, choral groups, bands, etc.) in a global market.
  • Director of a recording studio.
  • Executive producer in the recording industry.
  • Music manager.
  • Music researcher.


As a Music major at USIL, you will experience:

Being a part of the music world from the start

Starting in the first semester, you will take courses in your major, so that you can begin developing the professional profile required by the music industry and music technology.


Bilingual education

The curriculum for the program includes English language courses and courses required for this major taught in English, for the purpose of producing bilingual professionals capable of carrying out projects anywhere in the world.


Business and technology

Our curriculum includes courses in business management that will help you acquire the knowledge required to do business in the music and entertainment industry, in addition to knowledge of new technologies for music.


Specialized classrooms and workshops

We have a music workshop with recording equipment, drum sets, sound consoles, equalizers, and other music equipment and musical instruments. You will also find a sound workshop, which has sound equipment for producing commercials, advertising spots and other musical resources.



  • DUAL DEGREE PROGRAM WITH SAN IGNACIO UNIVERSITY (USA) You can also graduate with a bachelor’s degree from San Ignacio University in Miami, Florida, which will increase your employment opportunities.
  • DISNEY INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS Exclusive program that enables you to participate in a work and cultural exchange at the Walt Disney Company’s theme parks.
  • BUSINESS MANAGEMENT At USIL, you will belong to an ecosystem of entrepreneurship. Over the course of your studies, you will take Business Management courses and will be able to create your own startup, with guidance and support from the USIL Center for Entrepreneurship and USIL Ventures, a startup accelerator.
  • TOP-NOTCH FACULTY We have instructors with professional experience in their field, as well as master’s and doctoral degrees.
  • INTERNATIONAL PARTERSHIPS USIL has more than 255 international partnerships with renowned universities on every continent, which enable its students to participate in academic, cultural and work-related exchanges in different countries.


Music, a growing profession

In Peru, the demand for music professionals has grown, thanks to concert production companies that hold mega-concerts monthly with thousands of concertgoers, as well as growth of the audiovisual market and new digital media that require specialized professionals to provide music for feature-length films, short films, videos and advertising campaigns. Also, every day there are surprising new musical groups that attain success thanks to the social networks. You can also be part of the music boom in Peru!



  • Home Studios
  • Music Business
  • Performance
  • Electronic Music Production