About Us


To shape competent entrepreneurial professionals who are socially responsible and capable of performing successfully, both domestically and internationally.


To be a leader in shaping talented and ethical professionals, according to national and international standards.



Campaña de Friaje por los Hermanos del Sur / Campaign to Aid our Brothers and Sisters in the South
A drive is organized to aid our brothers and sisters affected by cold weather in the southern part of the country.

Tu Día Feliz / Your Happy Day
This is an activity organized for children from shelters and low-income neighborhoods, in order to offer them types of recreation to which they ordinarily would not have access, focusing on the educational aspect of the activities as well.

Our students come and go in the world

One of the main strategic pillars of the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola is globalization. We take care to train our students so they can excel professionally in both the local market and internationally, because we are convinced that only an overview can to maximize their skills and innovation in business.

The USIL International Advisory Committee is made up of outstanding professionals in the fields of academics, politics, science and economics. Its purpose is to maintain and promote the university’s excellence, quality and prestige, in line with its mission, its vision and its institutional pillars: Entrepreneurship, Globalization, Social Responsibility, and Research and Development.


USIL Educational Model

Competence-based Education

The USIL Competence-Based Education Model entails five fundamental principles in order to guarantee educational quality. A learning geared toward acquiring competences centered on the students as the focus of an integrated curricular design that comprises new teaching methodologies, new forms of assessment and a new role for educators that places priority on excellence and the development of a culture of assessment, innovation and continuous improvement.

In line with its policy of continuous improvement, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola has obtained important recognition from national and international accreditation agencies, thereby reaffirming its commitment to educational quality. This makes it one of the leading Peruvian universities striving for academic excellence and shaping entrepreneurial leaders without borders. 

In 2018 USIL stood out, with a score of 94.5, as the 2nd Peruvian University in Accreditation according to the Ranking of the Best Universities of Peru (América Economía).


Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola has four institutional pillars that are part of a philosophical paradigm. At every level of education and in every project, we seek to foster the development of entrepreneurs capable of progressing in a socially responsible manner within a broad framework, contributing to the country’s development through their activities, and creating a modern Peru that participates confidently and dynamically in the global economy.


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2013 Coloring Dreams
New headquarters of San Ignacio College, Miami
2012 Di Patisserie – See San Isidro
Institute of Entrepreneurship
2011 Extension Center - Headquarters Arequipa
2010 Extension Center - Home Cusco
San Ignacio College, Miami
2008 Prospectiva 2020
USIL - Head North Lima

Ramiro Salas Bravo



Dr. Salas was named president of this university in 2014. Previously, he held the positions of dean of International Development and vice president of International Relations.

Entrepreneurs with a Global Perspective


Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola is the first bilingual and international university in Peru. We are dedicated to shaping leaders with a global perspective building on the solid foundation of our institutional pillars: entrepreneurship, social responsibility, globalization, and research and development.


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It was in this context, the University Social Alliance (ASU), which is composed of a team of USIL volunteers, came into being. ASU is an initiative that establishes channels through which students contribute to projects and programs that make a positive impact on our society. Under agreements with government entities, companies, community organizations and NGOs, ASU members participate in volunteer work in Metropolitan Lima and the Cusco region.


Main Campus - Fernando Belaunde Terry Campus


Taller de Formación Empresarial (TAFE /Business Training Workshop)
This workshop is primarily directed toward mothers and young people from low-income families. It is aimed at developing their innate entrepreneurial attitude, in addition to awakening an entrepreneurial outlook among them.

Youth Leadership Workshop - PROGRESA 
This workshop is directed toward high school students living in high-risk areas. It fosters a proactive attitude toward continuous improvement of their community and surroundings.

Brigada Verde USIL / USIL Green Brigade
This group coordinates with the faculty in order to make courses real tools for change. 

Tree Planting Activity - Creating Urban Ecosystems 
The Tree Planting activity is organized by the USIL Green Brigade for the purpose of raising awareness about the importance of caring for the environment.

Tecnología al Servicio de Todos (TAST / Technology at Everyone's Service): 

USIL students are trained to teach public school faculty to use Windows, the Internet, MS Word, MS Power Point and MS Excel.

The current program is divided into two levels: 

Microsoft Office Training - Basic level 
The basic level is practical and user friendly, in order for educators to become familiar with the virtues of the software package.

Bibliotecas en Acción (BAP / Libraries in Action):
The purpose of this program is to implement multi-use rooms in different low-income neighborhoods around Lima where local residents, mainly children and young people, can find an appropriate place to pursue their interest in studying and reading.

Program to Promote Reading:
This program for children is geared toward encouraging them to read and cultivating a lifelong reading habit.