Lines of Action

Lines of Action

The objective of the Office of Social Responsibility Programs and Projects is to create spaces for putting the USIL community’s sense of social responsibility into action.

We have four lines of action: Entrepreneurship, Environmental Sustainability, Education, and Solidarity. 

Actions and projects geared toward building the entrepreneurial skills of members of the USIL community and specific stakeholders were carried out during the year, taking into account the area of influence of the university’s activities. Among these, the following stand out:

• Gastronomy and Restaurant Management Workshop (TAGA)
This workshop developed with the USIL Gastronomy and Restaurant Management program is geared toward enterprising individuals and owners of small businesses from different sectors and communities that want to start and/or improve a culinary business. USIL faculty and student volunteers provide knowledge and tools related to costs, hygiene, nutrition, customer service, etc. 

We promote actions aimed at preventing and mitigating our environmental impact. Because we are committed to the environment, USIL invests in eco-efficient infrastructure and fosters good practices in solid waste management, the rational use of resources, recycling and reuse of common materials, as well as tree planting in its areas of influence. 

• Environmental awareness actions
We train student volunteers committed to the environment, who participate in activities carried out by different entities to protect the environment, care for green areas, and make spaces healthier. 

We carry out projects on our own and in partnership with others to improve the educational quality, environment, and healthy, inclusive coexistence at educational institutions in outlying neighborhoods of the districts where USIL operates. Among these are:

• Colegio La Alegría en el Señor – La Molina
This school educates and provides therapy for children with physical disabilities, starting at age three. Ninety percent of its students have scholarships. Our volunteers provide support in art and music classes, as well as outings and recreational activities.

We encourage solidarity and social commitment to vulnerable populations, establishing ties of brotherhood and support between the USIL family and people with different abilities, those with physical disabilities, senior citizens,  children with serious illnesses, and populations affected by natural disasters or accidents that place them at personal and financial risk. 

• Support for populations affected by disasters
USIL volunteers are always ready to provide support to communities affected by disasters in Lima and other provinces by means of different types of donations.

• Support for national fundraising drives and charitable activities

Every year, USIL students participate as volunteers in fundraising drives organized by different entities, as well as charitable activities to help groups in vulnerable situations.  The fundraising drives in which they have participated include Ponle Corazón, Aldeas Infantiles SOS, Fundación Peruana de Cáncer, and Liga Contra el Cáncer, among others.