Our Leaders

Our Leaders


Raúl Diez Canseco Terry
USIL founding president and chairman of the Board of Directors

Social Responsibility: Our Strategic Pillar


Over the years at USIL, we’ve developed solidarity-oriented programs and policies that have brought us closer to the least advantaged. We believe that it is not charity, but solidarity, that solves underlying problems. There is a clear difference: charity is a matter of giving without asking for anything in return, whereas solidarity is, above all, the philosophy of teaching people to fish rather than giving them fish.

In line with this thinking, we have done considerable work in different fields, especially in the area of education. Undoubtedly, the only way to tackle poverty and inequality in Peru is through the fair distribution of knowledge. Therefore, we invite our students to participate in this effort, as part of their entrepreneurial education with a social responsibility approach.





Dr. Ramiro Salas Bravo
Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola

Professionals with a Social Responsibility Perspective Social Responsibility is one of our university’s institutional pillars. Therefore, through the Office of the Vice President of Social Responsibility (VPSR), we foster it in a cross-cutting manner, with the collaboration of the faculty and student body. In addition, we have the support of the University Alliance for Social Action (ASU), and we have established partnerships with different public and private institutions that provide our students and employees the opportunity to gain awareness, receive training, and contribute directly to the process of changing the lives of people living in social exclusion. We believe that through volunteer work that benefits the community, our students gain valuable life experiences that contribute to their personal growth and education as future professionals.


Miu Huang Li
Vice president of Social Responsibility
Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola

Professionals with a Social Responsibility Perspective
At the Office of the Vice President of Social Responsibility, we are committed to responsible management of our organization—involving our stakeholders—through the work of the academic and administrative areas, in line with the highest environmental and social standards. We see education as a generator of value and impact on the country and the world, and invite our university community to work proactively in favor of the most vulnerable sectors and become agents of change.