Why Study at Usil

Why Study at Usil

USIL in an international university that has an educational model that ensures our students’ academic development at national and international level, with a demanding bilingual education and a background in business management.

USIL Educational Model

Competence-based Education

The USIL Competence-Based Education Model entails five fundamental principles in order to guarantee educational quality. A learning geared toward acquiring competences centered on the students as the focus of an integrated curricular design that comprises new teaching methodologies, new forms of assessment and a new role for educators that places priority on excellence and the development of a culture of assessment, innovation and continuous improvement.

In addition, this model places emphasis on shaping bilingual entrepreneurs with a business perspective, providing a solid foundation of social responsibility, as well as ethical and moral principles, for the purpose of generating and executing creative, productive, technical and social projects that contribute to the country’s sustainable development. In order to achieve that, we offer 270 strategic alliances with academic institutions throughout the world that that contribute to the international development of our students.


Bilingual Education

USIL is an international university that has developed a curriculum that includes courses required for different majors taught in English, as well as an intensive English language program, for the purpose of producing bilingual entrepreneurial professionals who are able to read and write, conduct research work, prepare cases and master the vocabulary associated with their majors in English. USIL graduates are prepared to compete professionally and to conduct business not only in Peru, but in other parts of the world as well.


Education in Business Management Training

Over the ten academic semesters, our study methods and programs employ the latest teaching techniques with a business approach, in order to gear our programs toward the creation and management of companies. For this reason, our curricular structure includes management courses with key tools for generating added value in and outside a company.