I. Input mode with full technical studies or previous college:

Admission of applicants for these forms of income is determined by the interview with Academic Area.

Approved the interview, you will pay, on the date determined in Timeline, the Test of Academic Proficiency. It is understood that if the participant does not submit to the test, must enroll in the first cycle of the selected career.

  • Academic Proficiency Test

Allows entrants by these rules, after entrance examination, can validate the first two cycles chosen career. The validation of each course will be provided the entrant obtains the minimum passing grade eleven (11) in each of them. In this regard, only the entrant validate courses as approved.

To pay the Academic Proficiency Test, the entrant must have completed the documentation required by the Admissions Office.

II. Input mode with no previous higher education:

The admission of the candidates for this type of income is determined by the evaluation of Admission. The applicant will enter the program as OCC always get the minimum score established.