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Junior Achievement Program

Junior Achievement Perú is a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide (JAW), the oldest, largest nonprofit educational organization with the greatest global expansion and growth. It was founded in the United States in 1919. Through its educational programs, JAW benefits more than 10 million students a year, teaching them key concepts of working, entrepreneurship and financial education. The first JAW program in the world was The Company Program.

JAW Peru began its activities in 1996, under the sponsorship of Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola. To date, more than 220 thousand Peruvian students have received training through its different programs. 

JAW Perú has educational programs for kindergarten through high school students. Its team of volunteer instructors, including professional educators, university students and business executives, use materials developed by specialists and the JAW methodology, laying the groundwork to make the school a cradle of entrepreneurship. Complementing the educational programs, JAW Peru provides students with the opportunity to participate in national and international conferences and events that serve as a meeting point for beneficiaries of the program worldwide for an unlimited exchange of ideas and projects. This leads to the development of true global leaders and entrepreneurs in order to lay the foundations for their future in business.

Currently, JAW Perú has a board of directors composed of managers from large corporations such as Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, Microsoft, El Comercio, Mastercard, General Electric and Yanacocha. Over its fifteen years in the country, JAW Perú has received significant financial support from a number of organizations, including Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, Yanacocha, Inter-American Development Bank, Citi Foundation, Gold Fields, the Regional Government of Callao, HSBC, General Electric, Kraft, World Vision, Mastercard, Hewlett-Packard, Coca Cola, Manpower, and FedEx.

JA Peru Programs Sponsored by USIL


This innovative, 7-week program geared toward high school seniors is based on the use of rules of conduct to guide their choice of a career and decision making. It helps participants to know what to study when they finish high school, what options the world offers them, and how their skills, interests and values fit in with different careers.

By the end of the program, students are able to:

  • Make ethical decisions about their private and professional lives.
  • Describe career options in line with their personal and professional interests.



This program is geared toward high school juniors. Its purpose is for every participant to experience the innovative world of business and a company firsthand. Students have an advisor and form their own company, designing and selling their products, as they acquire the business knowledge needed to successfully join the global economy.

During the 15-session program, outstanding executives provide training and guidance. An exhibition and sale is held, in which students have the experience of selling their products directly, putting what they’ve learned into practice. Students in the Compañía 2.0 program receive a diploma for their participation, and the most outstanding students receive a free trip to participate in the International Forum of Entrepreneurs in Argentina. In addition, members of the top three companies receive awards and the company in first place is named Best Company of the Year.

By the end of the program, participants are able to:

  • Identify business opportunities.
  • Express, defend and support their ideas.
  • Prepare and monitor a business plan.
  • Organize and manage a production chain.
  • Lead and understand the sales force.
  • Think and analyze critically, in order to make decisions.
  • Develop and analyze a financial structure.
  • Prepare business reports.



This program geared toward high school seniors teaches students the fundamentals of modern business management. They learn about the responsibilities, tasks and decisions for which different areas of a company are responsible in order to achieve efficient, successful management. Seven theory sessions are taught by university faculty members, volunteers or functionaries from public or private institutions. Students gain an understanding of how the functional areas of a company interact. In this manner, we help them choose a profession and become familiar with the dynamics of a university. The Business Management program teaches students the fundamentals of modern business management. 

By the end of the Business Management program, students:

  • Know and understand the fundamentals of modern management.
  • Recognize basic decisions businesses make on a daily basis.
  • Understand the importance of information in business management.
  • Determine their area of interest in a company, according to their abilities.
  • Understand the workings of the market and business.
  • Make decisions as consumers and future workers and businesspersons.