USIL bids farewell to international students from the Summer Cusco program

In coordination with the USIL Office of the Vice President of International Relations and the Office of the Vice President of Social Responsibility, the closing event for the Summer Cusco program was held on Friday, August 4 in the city of Cusco. That evening, international students were treated to an enjoyable dinner and a folklore show to wrap up the program.

Participating in the event were Vera Tyuleneva, director of the USIL International Center for Studies and Research; Abdi Ruelas, the academic coordinator for the center; and faculty members from the Summer Cusco program.

“Receiving international students is always rewarding. As they learn about us and the local culture, we also learn. We learn about cultural diversity and different ways of thinking, conducting intercultural dialogue and conveying knowledge. Many students want to return to Cusco and some actually do come back. Currently, we have two former students of our center here as research associates,” Vera Tyuleneva commented.


JuHui Mun (Corea): “I had a very nice time in Cusco. I really want to come back here again! This experience that I had in Peru will be memorable and precious in my life. Thank you so much!”.

HyunJi Kim (Corea): “I could learn many things about history and culture of the Incas! Every class and field trip was amazing. I was happy that I could visit many non-touristic places”.