USIL Center for Global Education and American Partner Universities Celebrate Graduation of the Class of 2016-2

On June 5th, the USIL Center for Global Education and its American partner universities—Broward College, University of Houston and University of South Florida—celebrated the graduation of the 36 members of the Class of 2016-2, who received American Associate and Bachelor’s degrees in their respective majors.

USIL founder and chairman of the Board of Directors, Raúl Diez Canseco Terry; the president of the university, Dr. Ramiro Salas; and international executive director of the San Ignacio University Dual Degree Program and the  Center for Global Education, Claudia Rodríguez, were present for the ceremony. 

Also present were administrators from CGE partner universities, including Dr. Judy Genshaft, president of the University of South Florida; Rolando García, Broward College South Campus president; and Agnes DeFranco, professor and Conrad N. Hilton Distinguished Chair at the University of Houston Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, among other American university administrators.

The opening remarks were given by Dr. Ramiro Salas, who highlighted the high quality standards of the USIL Center for Global Education program, which seeks to maintain high educational standards comparable to those of universities in the United States. He congratulated all of the students for their effort and dedication to their education, and encouraged them to continue studying in the future to update their knowledge. 

USIL founder and chairman of the Board of Directors, Raúl Diez Canseco Terry, emphasized the influence of entrepreneurship and globalization, which USIL conveys in the classroom and which they have experienced during their time on campus. He also encouraged the new graduates to never stop studying.

Focusing on the Peruvian political situation, Raúl Diez Canseco Terry called upon the new graduates to see how they could contribute to our country’s development and present the country in a positive light to the rest of the world. Quoting John F. Kennedy, he told them, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”


María Daniela Villalobos Matos
Graduate of Broward College

“Having the opportunity to receive an education from abroad without leaving the country is a great experience. The education received at the CGE is just as demanding as in the United States, and I love it that USIL is a global university. Now I’m going to continue my education, majoring in Business Administration at USF.”

José Javier Loor Solano
Graduate of Broward College

“This time I’ve spent in the Broward program has been very good. I feel I’m prepared to continue my education at the University of Florida. I think this program is excellent because, otherwise, I wouldn’t have opted to study abroad. Now, with two years of preparation, I’m ready to go to an American university to continue my studies.”

Jenny Pamela Nuñez Chang
Graduate of the Business Administration program
University of South Florida

“USF has been a wonderful, very enriching experience, and I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime. I think it’s awesome that USIL has this program because no other university offers the same opportunities, which is why it was among my top options.”

Sebastián Yamamoto Coz
Graduate of the Business Administration program
University of South Florida

“This time at USF has been very good. I had the opportunity to study under some Peruvian, but mainly foreign, teachers from whom I received knowledge and learned different skills. It’s very demanding, but that’s necessary for achieving professional success.”

Cecilia Carrera Casas
Graduate of the Hotel and Restaurant Management program
Conrad N. Hilton College - University of Houston

“This program is very interesting because it allows you to study abroad without leaving the country or your family and friends. USIL is the first university to have this program, and it helps us obtain our degree abroad, which can be helpful to us in our careers.”


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