Assessment, Competencies and Integrated Services for Student Learning

Assessment, Competencies and Integrated Services for Student Learning


We have an area responsible for assessment and monitoring of academic performance and intervention to ensure USIL students’ satisfactory progress. We organize psycho-pedagogical programs and workshops geared toward academic reinforcement and students’ personal development. 


> Academic Advising
Program designed to reinforce theory and practical course content covered in class. Students may request academic advising based on their individual academic needs through INFOSIL. Individual or group remedial classes are taught by USIL faculty members and qualified student advisors.


> Academic Reinforcement Program

Series of reinforcement sessions scheduled weekly as the result of an assessment of a student’s previous knowledge and/or performance in a given course. These are carried out in coordination with the academic areas.


> Personalized Tutoring
We offer personalized psycho-pedagogical service to improve the performance of our students at academic risk. Our objective is to bring about a change in attitude and the joint construction of learning strategies, in line with each student’s individual profile.


> USIL Holistic Education 
Set of group workshops offered to students every semester, in order to develop and strengthen personal and academic abilities that enable them to deal with their studies successfully and become entrepreneurial professionals.