Credit and Collections

Credit and Collections

Credit and Collections Policies

  1. In order to register for a semester, a student must have no outstanding debts to the university. In the event a student has an outstanding debt, it must be paid along with the corresponding additional charges.
  2. When a student has an outstanding debt, some INFOSIL options are restricted (varying according to his/her program). The restriction is lifted within 48 hours following payment.
  3. The university establishes its prices per semester. However, it allows its students to make equal monthly installment payments, the amount of which is determined according to a student’s academic program and payment category (as applicable).
  4. For standard undergraduate programs, payments are due on the date shown on the tuition bill. Semesters are divided in months: the first is from March to July, and the second is from August to December.
  5. In standard undergraduate programs, enrollment in the Summer Term is optional. The term lasts seven weeks and a student may take up to three courses. The cost is calculated according to the student’s payment category and the number of courses taken.
  6. Students may also make a single payment for a semester, in which case there will be a discount on the total cost of tuition. The discount only applies to tuition; it does not apply to the registration fee or other concepts. For further details, please write to us at
  7. Students in standard undergraduate programs may make a single payment for the entire program and receive an 8% discount on the total cost of tuition. The discount only applies to tuition; it does not apply to the registration fee.
  8. The university reserves the right to adjust the amounts for registration, installment payments, educational materials and discounts. Any changes will be communicated in a timely manner prior to the beginning of a new semester or during the registration process.

Payment Methods:

Through Banks:

Payments can be made at Banco de Crédito, Scotiabank and BBVA Continental, with which we have an online payment service.

In order to make an installment payment for a standard undergraduate program at a bank, it is only necessary to provide the payment code: 01 + 7-digit student code.

  • At the teller’s window:

In cash or with a credit/debit card at the following banks: Banco de Crédito, BBVA Continental or Scotiabank.

  • Online banking:

Go to the bank’s website (Banco de Crédito, BBVA Continental or Scotiabank), enter your card number and password, click on enter, select “Pagos de Servicios/Instituciones/ Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola”, enter your payment code, and select the installment to be paid.

In the Bursar’s Office:

Payments can be made with a credit/debit card in the USIL Bursar’s Office on campus I or II. All major credit cards are accepted. The cardholder must make the payment in person, showing his/her National Identity Document (DNI).


Payments through INFOSIL may only be made with a Visa credit or debit card. Go to INFOSIL ( and enter your user number and password. Then select “Información Económica/Saldos y Pagos por Web” and make the payment. Payment information is updated online.

Automatic payment:

LUSIL offers a recurring payment service by means of automatic Visa credit card charges.

  • Affiliation:

To request this service, the cardholder must go to the Credit and Collections Office, fill out a form, and submit a photocopy of his/her identity document.

  • Payment process:

    • EThe payment process takes place 72 hours before the deadline for each installment payment.
    • The effective date of payment is the following business day after the charge is made to the credit card.
  • Responsibilities for the service:

    • Notify the university of any change in the actual credit card (plastic card) in case of theft, loss, expiration, etc. Update data by submitting a new affiliation form and a copy of the cardholder’s National Identity Document.
    • The system does not attempt a charge more than once. If the credit card is declined, the payment must be made by some other method, as this payment method will be temporarily suspended until the payment is made.
    • The recurring payment system is only for regular semesters; payments for summer terms must be made by another available means.
  • Disaffiliation:

    • To cancel the recurring payment service, send an email message to, indicating the student’s full name and code
    • If the student withdraws from the university for a semester, a new request will need to be submitted for recurring charges to resume upon his/her return.

Payments made from abroad:

Payments may be made from abroad through the student’s INFOSIL if he/she has a Visa card (see point 3), or through banks, requesting the SWIF code at (with a copy to