Culture and Sports Department

Culture and Sports Department

The USIL Culture and Sports Department is committed to students’ overall development through the organization of physical, athletic, cultural and artistic activities.


Physical, Athletic and Recreational Activities
Every semester, internal activities are held, including co-ed futsal, basketball, volleyball, chess, table tennis and dance tournaments. Also, there are sporting events such as the USIL Cup, the Freshman Tournament and the Camaraderie Tournament held in the gym on the USIL Fernando Belaunde Terry Campus in La Molina and on the USIL Campus in Pachacámac.

In addition, our students participate in inter-university and metropolitan competitions in the following sports: track, chess, men’s and women’s basketball, capoeira, soccer, men’s and women’s futsal, judo, karate, tae kwon do, swimming, men’s and women’s rugby, table tennis, and men’s and women’s volleyball.


Cultural Activities
USIL offers extracurricular activities that cultivate our students’ interest in culture to complement their humanist education. Among these are the following: lecture by Mario Vargas Llosa, Cinema Club, conferences, seminars, Juegos Florales literary contest, Book Club, concerts, photography exhibitions, and round tables. Due to their importance, USIL has established Cultural Mondays as a special day of the week for holding many of these events.


Artistic Workshops
The university fosters artistic expression that contributes to our students’ holistic education. Among the main activities are Folk Dance, Tuna, Drama, Choir, Salsa, Effective Communication, Instrumental Music, Bachata, Modern Dance and Afro-Peruvian Dance workshops. Since the 2015-1 semester, we have also offered the Musical Group Ensemble Workshop led by musician José Luis “Joselito” Valverde. This workshop, which is held in the modern Glenn Miller music room, covers the rock, pop, Latin and jazz-blues genres.