The program

Administration and Finance - CPEL

The program


We form comprehensive professionals for a globalized society who integrate their scientific and technical knowledge to continue the development of management in the national and international context.


Academic degree
Bachelor of Administration and Finance

Bachelor of Administration and Finance


Professional Profile


The graduate of the Administration and Finance major may fulfill the following positions:

  • Financial manager. Leads the finance area in companies of different sizes, analyzing and evaluating the department’s different operations.
  • Risk analyst. Evaluates the risk to which companies are exposed and control the levels of investment or financing available in the stock markets.
  • Financial Consultant. Provides financial advice to individuals and companies of all kinds, in financing alternatives and/or placement of surplus money, always with the highest level of responsibility and professional ethics.


Graduate Competencies


Professional Competencies

  • Use quantitative models to evaluate stocks, bonds and financial assets, whose results impact the decisions of the company.
  • Plan your work according to the company’s objectives. Organize your team and delegate functions. Strategically direct.
  • Negotiate the best cost-benefit conditions for companies or firms in which you work. Capture new clients and partners, consolidate favorable alliances for the entity, obtain the best prices and services from suppliers. Optimize the resources of the organization.
  • Be flexible and adapt to changes and define strategies for the organization to adapt to new contexts.


General skills


Comprehensive Communication

Ability to communicate orally, written and non-verbally clearly and effectively, as well as adequately handle information and communication technologies in order to strengthen their personal and professional performance.


Bilingual Communication

Skill in the use of the English language at the pre-intermediate level, through the development of the following skills: listening and reading comprehension and oral and written production under the standards proposed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.



Ability to carry out projects through resources that expand scientific knowledge. Graduates are also qualified to propose topics of interest.


Human Development

Predisposition to introspection in order to reflect on professional and human development, autonomy and commitment to become an integral person in their working environment.


Resource Management

Able to manage resources efficiently and ethically, considering the sustainable development of the country and the dynamic and competitive environment of a globalized world.


Where to study:

La Molina CPEL