The program

Communication and Advertising - CPEL

The program


We train professionals who wish to learn and/or expand their knowledge in business communications in both the public and private sectors. Graduates of this program are ready to design innovative communication and advertising strategies and plans that meet present and future needs.


Academic degree
Bachelor of Communication and Advertising


Bachelor of Communication and Advertising


Professional Profile


The graduate of the Communication and Advertising major may fulfill the following positions:

  • Communications Manager. Defines the communication policies of a company and develops internal and external communication strategies to meet the company's or institution's objectives. This role is also responsible for the public image of the firm.
  • Media Manager. Develops 360° communication and advertising campaigns for public and private companies.
  • Content Manager. Develops communication and/or advertising products for different media and formats. Applies the appropriate language and narrative techniques based on their target audience. Supervises the application of corporate style and appropriate use of language.
  • Communications Advisor. Develops research works in communication and advertising, which help companies understand the consumer of different areas of the country. This professional also adapts the organizational culture to the company’s place of operation.


Competencies of the graduate

  • Strategically structure messages for various media and formats in order to achieve set objectives.
  • Lead and organize groups of creatives to generate ideas and develop graphic or audiovisual proposals.
  • Recognize and use new technologies to achieve the objectives of your campaigns or products.


General Competencies


Comprehensive Communication

Ability to communicate verbally, written and non-verbally clearly and effectively. In addition, the student adequately manages information and communication technologies in order to strengthen their personal and professional performance.


Bilingual Communication

Skill in the use of the English language at the preintermediate level, through the development of the following skills: listening and reading comprehension and oral and written production, all under the standards proposed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.



Ability to carry out research projects through resources that expand scientific knowledge. Graduates are also qualified to propose topics of interest.


Human Development

Predisposition to introspection in order to reflect on professional and human development, autonomy and commitment to become an integral person in their working environment.


Resource Management

Ability to manage resources efficiently and ethically. Graduates consider the sustainable development of the country and the dynamic and competitive environment of a globalized world.


Where to study:

La Molina CPEL