The program

International Business

The program

Graduates of the International Business program have the professional competencies required to start their own companies and/or work for multinational organizations in Peru or other parts of the world.

At USIL, we will guide you in the realization that international business is a strategic, lucrative, decentralized activity. Therefore, you will be capable of opening business units abroad, taking advantage of the different trade agreements signed by countries.


Professional Profile

What will you be able to do?

  • You will implement global strategies suited to the productive sector in which you are working, allocating resources with precision in the attainment of results.
  • You will negotiate with businesspeople from different cultures, remaining flexible in changing environments.
  • You will plan, organize and manage a company's International Trade department.
  • You will see clearly that, today, collaborative work underlies companies' success.
  • You will be a financier of international business.


You will make a difference

Center for Language Studies
The internationalization of business demands that you be prepared to communicate with managers from different countries. Through the Center for Language Studies, you will learn to communicate in other languages at an advanced level.

International Business Club
The International Business Club is an organization of university students from the International Business program whose mission is to achieve personal and professional development among its members through continuous, autonomous learning aimed at contributing to society`s progress.

IBusiness magazine
You could be on the Editorial Board of the IBC, interview businesspeople and write articles. In addition, you will make your point of view on current events known.


Areas of Professional Endeavor

  • CEO of your own international company.
  • Commercial representative of your company in dealings with foreign businesspeople.
  • Leader within a multinational or transnational corporation in the area of exports, imports, international contracts, international finance, customs, franchises, international consulting, etc.
  • Professional that promote international trade and international organizations linked to international trade .
  • Analyst and formulator of international business systems or schemes.
  • International consultant to companies on international competitiveness.



  • Marketing.
  • Finance.