The program

Business Engineering

The program

As a graduate of the Business Engineering program, you will be an expert in effectively linking two crucial spheres of activity in the 21st century: business and information technologies.

You will be able to design business models and promote technological innovation in every area of a company, especially in matters related to business management, resources and human capital. Over the course of your studies, you will build your leadership skills and understand the importance of social responsibility and ethics in your career.


Professional Profile

What will you be able to do?

  • You will integrate information technology solutions and platforms with business.
  • You will develop business models using project management tools.
  • You will create and implement business projects.
  • You will manage projects taking safety, sustainability and environmental considerations into account
  • You will supervise engineering projects.


Areas of Professional Endeavor

  • Developer, executor and manager of business models based on technological innovation.
  • Entrepreneur and creator of new business opportunities..



  • Information technologies.
  • International Trade.
  • Project Management.