The program

Environmental Engineering

The program

As a graduate of the USIL Environmental Engineering program, you will be committed to sustainable development. You will capable of planning, overseeing and assessing business, government and institutional projects carried out in harmony with the environment and for the benefit of society.

As an environmental engineer, you will be considered a “doctor to the planet.” You will apply science and technology to provide environmentally friendly solutions and alternatives.



Professional Profile

What will you be able to do?

  • You will be in charge of environmental impact assessments at the national and international levels..
  • You will apply advanced technologies in order to assess and analyze environmental components.
  • You will know how to use information technology tools applicable to your field.
  • You will develop projects in harmony with the environment, taking all necessary safety measures.
  • You will manage companies and projects, making use of your knowledge of business sciences.
  • You will foster ethical attitudes and social responsibility, complying with the policies and regulations established by regulatory bodies.


Areas of professional endeavor

  • Manager of environmental and/or social responsibility area..
  • Specialist in environmental assessments and projects.
  • Environmental and sustainability consultant to public and private entities, as well as domestic and international NGOs.
  • Head of occupational health and environment programs of companies in different sectors.
  • Environmental supervisor and auditor.
  • Entrepreneur in sustainable, green business.



Pollution, the destruction of ecosystems and widespread use of unsustainable growth models have led to an environmental disaster that threatens life on Earth. The mission of environmental engineers is to provide solutions and strategies that make it possible to deal with and, to the extent possible, overcome changes that affect life on the planet. At USIL, you will receive the education of an environmental leader, with social responsibility, entrepreneurship and management skills, in order to prepare you to lead projects that restore the balance between conservation and the sustainable development of 21st century societies.



  • Environmental Auditing.
  • Eco – Business
  • Biodiversity Management
  • Sustainability