The program

Logistics and Transportation Engineering

The program

How does paiche, the emblematic fish of the Amazon, reach the best restaurants in Lima? How did the latest model iPhone get to your favorite store? These intercontinental missions are typical of the work you will do as a graduate in Logistics and Transportation Engineering, an innovative USIL program that produces specialists in the management of processes known as supply chains.

Upon completion of your studies, you will be a global professional capable of managing the logistics, preservation and transportation of goods throughout the world.


Professional Profile

What will you be able to do?

  • You will formulate and assess supply chain and transportation management projects.
  • You will design, implement and oversee activities in the areas of supply, storage, operations and distribution of goods and services.
  • You will apply advanced technologies in order to evaluate and manage global transportation and traffic models.
  • You will manage supply chain processes.
  • You will have the knowledge and tools required to take on innovative, sustainable projects in your field.
  • You will be knowledgeable of the legal, tax and labor framework in relation to your profession.


Areas of Professional Endeavor

  • Engineer in charge of developing, executing and promoting transportation models for supply chains.
  • Expert on air, sea and land transportation management..
  • Global supply chain manager.
  • Engineering design consultant on distribution centers.



  • Supply Chain Management.