The program

Mechanical Engineering

The program

We will prepare you to be a leader in the field of mechanical engineering, who is capable of solving problems and managing projects related to the design of machinery, equipment and facilities, always keeping in mind the concept of sustainability for the benefit of society, especially in the promotion of the use of renewable energy.


You will learn to:

  • Design and build machinery, equipment and facilities within the scope of extractive and industrial processes, applying materials engineering and science.
  • Apply thermal processes to mechanical design and electronic systems, which will enable you to explain the operation of devices, equipment and processes from a mechanical engineering perspective.
  • Identify problems and opportunities for improvement in products and processes, in order to use the country’s resources sustainably.
  • Use modern techniques and modeling and simulation tools for problem solving, focusing on applied research and technological development.
  • Manage knowledge and talent, seeking to foster creativity, entrepreneurship, team work, and social and environmental responsibility.
  • Apply what you have learned to improve industrial safety and environmental management.


Upon graduation, you may be employed as a:

  • Developer, designer and builder of machinery, equipment and facilities.
  • Renewable energy project developer.
  • Inspector of equipment and facility maintenance procedures.


As a Mechanical Engineering major at USIL, you will experience:

Being involved in mechanical engineering from the start

Starting in the first semester, you will take courses in your major.


Bilingual and entrepreneurship education

The curriculum for the program includes English language courses and courses required for this major taught in English, for the purpose of producing bilingual professionals capable of carrying out projects anywhere in the world. You will also take business management courses to develop the skills required to start your own business.



  • DISNEY INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS Exclusive program that allows you to participate in a work and cultural exchange at Disney theme parks.
  • DUAL DEGREE PROGRAM WITH SAN IGNACIO UNIVERSITY (USA) You can also graduate with a bachelor’s degree from San Ignacio University in Miami, Florida, which will increase your employment opportunities.
  • BUSINESS MANAGEMENT At USIL, you will belong to an ecosystem of entrepreneurship. Therefore, over the course of your studies, you will take Business Management courses and you will be able to create your own startup, with guidance and support from the USIL Center for Entrepreneurship and USIL Ventures, a startup accelerator.
  • TOP-NOTCH FACULTY We have instructors with professional experience in their field, as well as master’s and doctoral degrees.
  • INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS USIL has more than 255 international partnerships with renowned universities on every continent, which enable its students to participate in academic, cultural and work-related exchanges in different countries.


Be the kind of engineer Peru needs

The demand for specialists in this field has grown in Peru and throughout the world, making it one of the branches of engineering with the best international employment prospects, since mechanical engineers are involved in every creative process in different organizations and economic sectors.

  • 177 public investment projects are forecast for Peru in 2017-2018, according to Global Research Marketing.
  • Peru invested 5000 million soles in research and development in 2016, according to the Sociedad de Comercio Exterior (Foreign Trade Society).
  • A well-known mining company will invest 2.687 billion dollars in the market in order to carry out its plans for mechanical improvements and expansion, according to Reuters.