The program

Health Administration

The program

The Health Administration program produces professionals trained for management positions in the field of health. They are prepared to supervise the construction and equipping of health facilities, manage the budget, guide the local population on the use of health facilities, bring out the best in those who report to them, and foster an adequate environment for patients.

Professional profile

Areas of professional endeavor

  • Treasurer of a health facility.
  • Human resources manager at a health facility or company.
  • Supervision of a health facility’s assets.
  • Supervision of quality of service and patient care.
  • Supervision of working conditions and performance of medical personnel.


Professional competencies

  • Oversees construction, equipping and personnel selection for new health facilities, in order to meet specifications.
  • Selects, assigns and supervises health facility staff in order to bring out the best in them in a pleasant atmosphere for patients.
  • Establishes annual budgets according to the need for medical personnel. Seeks economic balance and patient welfare.
  • Oversees results of medical care in the interest of quality of service.




  • Hospital Administration
    • Hospital management and organization
    • Managerial and cost accounting in hospital administration
    • Hospital administration
    • Hospital quality management

  • Health Service Administration
    • Costs, budget and production in health services and systems
    • Administration of health services
    • Management of health promotion and protection
    • Auditing of health services

  • Health Projects
    • Project formulation and assessment
    • Economic assessment of projects
    • Project management
    • Public investment projects