The program

Art and Design

The program

As a graduate of the Art and Design program, you will be a professional capable of starting and running your own visual communication business.

You will be able to work for design agencies, communications departments or companies that develop projects with social impact. You will master the research process with the objective of formulating concepts and images that attract the interest of the target audience. You will be able to generate identity through recognition of our multicultural reality, and you will propose inclusive communication that reflects the new country in which we live.


Professional Profile

What will you be able to do?

  • You will be a professional in the field of design centered on research and project formulation, taking into account clients’ real needs, the nature of the target audience and the context.
  • You will master the design process, starting with a concept in order to generate a visual communication system.
  • You will correctly identify the target audience, avoiding the use of false stereotypes and foreign models unrelated to our reality.
  • You will be able to start your own company in areas such as integral design, visual communication, graphics consulting or design project development. You will be capable of leading a multidisciplinary team, which will enable you to develop as a professional.
  • You will contribute to the construction of identity through design, recognizing our multiculturality, geographical diversity and history.
  • You will be familiar with the different communication codes applied to widely varied national and foreign target audiences.


You will make a difference

The work of students and graduates of USIL creative majors is highlighted in different magazines published by the College of Humanities, such as:

  • Nativa, a magazine published twice yearly, using photography to address diverse matters occurring in our society.
  • Zoo, a magazine created to disseminate our students’ research projects.
  • ¡Bla! Gráfico, the yearbook for the creative majors, in which the best work of USIL students at every level are published.


Areas of Professional Endeavor

  • Consultant on brand and product image and design.
  • Graphics editor of magazines, newspapers and diverse publications.
  • Social design project developer.
  • Director of one’s own photography studio.
  • Conceptualizer and designer of interactive media, websites and applications.
  • Professional visual communication and image advisor.
  • Director of an interior design firm.



In order to graduate with a concentration, or area of specialization within your major, you must pass the five courses making up the concentration, in which you can enroll starting in the 6th semester. A student may pursue up to two concentrations:

  • Concentration in Interiors.
  • Concentration in Graphic Design.
  • Concentration in Photography.
  • Concentration in Multimedia.