The program


The program

As a graduate of the Communications program, you will evaluate and identify different communication scenarios in the public and private spheres.

You will propose innovative communication strategies and plans that satisfy current and future needs for these scenarios, and take the lead in producing effective communication products in a highly competitive, globalized market.


Professional Profile

What will you be able to do?

  • You will plan and produce journalistic, advertising or business communication products that creatively respond to the needs of different social groups.
  • You will head spaces in the media, advertising firms or communication and marketing areas of public and/or private institutions and companies, operating responsibly and ethically when faced with unforeseen and critical situations.
  • You will critically analyze different economic, social and political contexts, using categories and tools corresponding to social sciences and disciplines, business management and ICT, in order to lead and communicate efficiently and effectively in different situations and media, with ethics and social responsibility.


You will make a difference


You will be taught and advised by nationally and internationally renowned academics and publicists, television producers and directors, journalists and business communicators who, along with teaching, hold positions that entail a high level of responsibility at public and private companies and institutions.



As a student in the Communications program, you will be involved in this online high-definition television channel and participate actively in the production and direction of programs, short films, documentaries and video clips. In addition to a weekly university news program, USIL TV live streams all of the university’s events, workshops and congresses, as well as those of the program, on a closed circuit.


Frecuencia USIL

You can also be involved in this online radio station that has been broadcasting for over 16 years. Its live programs are produced and co-produced by students in the program. Frecuencia USIL presents dynamic programming of news, music, sports and topics of general interest that will give you an on-campus experience that will contribute to your professional development.


Areas of Professional Endeavor

  • Planner, director, supervisor, account executive and/or creative writer.
  • Media analyst, planner, director or supervisor at public agencies, in advertising areas of companies and at advertising firms (media companies and interactive advertising agencies, as well as direct and relationship marketing).
  • Crisis management and public relations advisor and analyst.
  • Press and image advisor and analyst.
  • Newspaper or magazine director, editor, copywriter and/or correspondent.
  • Director and account executive at consulting firms and in press rooms, in relation with image and public relations, as well as marketing at companies and institutions.
  • Reporter for print media, radio, television or Internet.



  • Business Communication.
  • Audiovisual Communication.
  • Journalism.
  • Advertising.