The program


The program

The USIL Law program produces leaders with a good legal background and knowledge of matters related to business.

Our graduates have a critical, analytical view of their environment and are capable of creating opportunities in a world undergoing constant change. The program has an innovative curriculum, an outstanding faculty, high academic standards and personalized attention for our students, who master the technical aspects of their profession and go on to practice law with tolerance and respect for truth and justice.


Professional Profile


Areas of Professional Endeavor

  • Legal departments of companies
  • Public or private institutions and NGOs
  • Law firms
  • Notaries


Professional Competencies

  • Develops leadership skills in the market of legal professionals, based on his or her integral knowledge in relation to legal dogmatics and legal matters, as well as to knowledge of business management, with the ability to deal with legal situations in Spanish or English.
  • Understands the profession as an authentic service to justice, and is committed to practicing law responsibly, honestly and honorably, with professionalism, a strong will to serve and social commitment.
  • Knows and identifies our country’s political and social situation with critical and analytical capacity.
  • Makes an effort, through legal research, to propose regulatory changes and improvements, at the service of the people and out of respect for the principles of the country.
  • Efficiently identifies the best way to resolve a conflict when his or her professional assistance is sought, proposing practical legal alternatives and creative solutions that advocate conciliation and mediation, in search of peaceful dispute resolution.
  • Develops capacity for organizing work, as well as the ability to understand new legal concepts, as law is a branch of knowledge undergoing constant change.
  • Uses oral and written language skills impeccably in the exercise of his or her profession.



International Business Law
Courses for the concentration:

  • Customs Law
  • International Contracts
  • Transportation Law
  • Integration Law


Corporate Finance Law
Courses for the concentration:

  • Securities Market
  • Banking Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Corporate Law and Finance


Business Labor Law


Public Administration